Black Friday Sale Poster Ideas

Black Friday Sales

Chasing creative Black Friday Sales and Marketing ideas begins earlier before the day arrives. Users shop like crazy and some of the stores (online and offline) even offer Pre-Black Friday Sales too.

Many shopper minds have started hunting and wish-listing their long-awaited products to hit “Buy Now” on Black Friday and Cyber Monday when the hottest deals pop up. Also, Black Friday Sale Flyers are the biggest showdown influencing buyers. Businesses expect a high incline in their sales chart as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrive.

Do you know where this buzz began from? Let’s get a quick overview…

What is Black Friday?

The heavy traffic and violence created by shoppers gave birth to an idea for online and offline businesses to offer whopping deals and discounts. It is much like a clearance sale when businesses expect 50% of their revenue for the entire year to be made during these four days (Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday).

When everyone is ready with their fishnet to hook customers, what have you planned? Do you have your to-do list ready for Black Friday offers? If yes, it’s great, if not, do consider this read as a guide to boost up your marketing campaign and get the cream out.

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Why Black Friday is important for Marketers?

Missing this chance to multiply revenue greatly for this day (or through Black Friday Weekend) is what you should never do.

This is the best time to wave off your existing products and make some space for fresh stock.

Some store owners are interested in extending the offers throughout the weekend, starting from the evening of Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.

Finder Black Friday Statistics 2019 reports that Americans are expected to drop $87 billion on Black Friday & Cyber Monday this year.

This is very encouraging for every online business as well as a brick-and-mortar store to hook new customers.

When do Black Friday Sale Ads begin?

Black Friday Sale Ads start to roll out from the beginning of November which is informally referred to as Pre-Black Friday Offers while some begin promotions from mid-November. Black Friday Deals Flyers are also the most used ones to inform users of upcoming offers.

Whatever you do, make sure that your Black Friday Shopping is a big hit & we’re here with seven outstanding ideas to prepare you for a ground-breaking and store-rushing sales experience this year.

Deal Of The Day poster

7 Marketing Ideas to Boost up Black Friday Sales

1. Create Deals of the Hour

Understand the customer’s psychology when you design Black Friday Flyer or create promotional social media posts. Have something exciting for the users whenever they open up your App, Website, or even their Facebook or Instagram. “Limited Period Offer”, “Weekend Sales”, “Deal of the Day”, “Offer of the Hour”, etc invokes a feeling of ‘Let me see if I like something & I can shop it at best prices now’ and voila! An order arrived

Black Friday Poster

2. Offer a “Free Gift” with every Purchase

Getting something free with every purchase is a hidden desire. No matter what you shop for, getting something for free is so cool! You can create a Black Friday Sale Poster highlighting “FREE GIFT” which is an old-school marketing strategy that will not only work for this day but any shopping festival. Set a cart amount of minimum purchase on which users become eligible for the gift.

For instance, if you are an online makeup store, create an offer like “Get lipstick free on the purchase of 999”, “Get a lip stain Free on the purchase of at least 3 products from the same Brand”, etc.

Black Friday Banner

3. Take Full Advantage of Hashtags

While sharing Black Friday Deals Images for Facebook or Instagram, add relevant hashtags. For instance, #blackfriday #blackfriday2019 #blackfridaydeals #blackfridaysales #blackfridayoffers are to be included as a must. Remember that search trends are changing and users find their best offers from social media itself.

4. Use a New Black Friday Offer Page

Get your developers ready to create a Black Friday Offer Page that can be used as a landing page for your website or mobile application. Not just websites, but many eCommerce shopping apps are also in line. This is a working strategy for sure. You only need to design it well and showcase your best products categorized well. Once it is ready, you can boost it on Facebook or Instagram to make your efforts worthwhile.

5. Don’t Forget Banners

Black Friday Banners have already started to slide and stick on websites and this page is dedicated to exclusive deals. This should become your signature deal until the sale ends. Create a Black Friday cover image or video for Facebook with the same banner. Offline Banners and Posters can also be adopted as an innovative idea. Get your store ready to welcome increasing walk-ins by setting a charming standee outside.

Black Friday Sale Banner

6. Make Printable Gift Cards

The Holiday season is the best gifting season. Everyone is looking to gift something to their loved ones. You can either choose to create a Gift Combo on your website or provide an option for shoppers to make printable gift cards. Pay attention to the Black Friday Gift Card Design and also offer customization options. This will excite users who are confused to shop for their loved ones but will be satisfied to create a wonderful gift card that looks and feels good.

7. Utilize the Email List like a Pro

You must be having subscribers who are frequent buyers and have users who purchased products or availed services at least once. This is when you should approach them and provide Loyalty offers and discounts. Having an email arrive with a customized Black Friday Sale Poster showcasing items based on past purchases has more chances to trigger sales. As the user has experienced shopping with you before, they will at least check what’s the deal.

I hope this will make for an indulging Black Friday Shopping experience for both – shopping sites, and stores and also for shoppers who have their eyes set on the screen to make the most of this buzz.

Some of the shopkeepers also use the roll-up banners to get maximum benefits of the occasion. Our Beginner’s guide of Roll-Up Banner example, Design Ideas and Templates can help you out.

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