10 Tips For Poster Promotion In This Year

Poster promotion is beyond “The Bigger the Better.” You have to consider a ton of things relevant to your brand whether you’re a beginner or a professional. Here some of the tips for poster promotion are mentioned!

We’re living in a world where instances of a ‘good poster design’ & ‘promo poster fail’ both exist. By the time you’re reading this, you must have got a few names too. We’re here with a handful of tips for creating a successful poster design.

Though it comes with experience, we would like to share the major things before you dive in. Keep these tips in mind for an effortless poster promotion. Let’s go!

10 Incredible Tips For Never-Failing Promo Posters

1. Workout On Your Poster Type

Image of various poster types

What you see as a marketing poster is technically recognized as a particular poster type. For instance, we have at least 10 Types of Poster Designs for Business Promotions that include typography posters, event posters, minimalist posters, etc.

So, you have to decide what should be your poster type. You won’t stick to the same poster type always, right?

It’s the way to change your taste in promo posters by attempting different poster types at frequent intervals. Such an approach brings freshness to your poster campaigns & your target audience will love it.

2. Follow The KISS Principle

Are you wondering how to design a poster online? Keep-It-Simple-Silly!

PhotoADKing's infographic template
poster design idea

Simplicity is an undisputed winner, whether it comes to personality or graphic design. Here, we’re referring to simplicity as a ‘clean’ design. Your poster should be organized well with the least design elements possible, yet deliver a strong message.

The simpler your design is, the more it will be appealing. You don’t need to stuff your poster with as many attractive elements as possible. Also, no need to flaunt your creativity all at once in a single poster design.

3. Watch The Font-Size

poster design template

The font size you’ll use solely depends on how large the poster display is. Consider the dimensions of the print & the location where it will be placed. This decides how large or small your fonts should be.

Pick font style accordingly & make sure your text is easily readable from a distance. For instance, if your poster is to be marketed at a crossroads, the small text will be ignored because no one is going to stop by just to read your poster. We hope you’re getting the point.

4. Be Picky About Images

poster design tip

A picture speaks a thousand words. The fact is, people will look at the image first & then read the text. This is an indication of how attractive your image should be. We would rather recommend you to be very picky with images. Find alternative images & shortlist the most creative & meaningful ones. It forms the base of your poster design after all.

5. Make Your Purpose Clear

poster design example

A clear purpose is also one of the tips for poster promotion. The purpose of your poster should be immediately grasped at a glance. The golden rule is to limit one purpose & message at a time. 

Let’s say, for example, you’re launching a video ad & marketing posters all across the city for your cooking oil. When people look at your posters, they should instantly recall your video advertisement. That’s how uniformity is maintained. If you have more marketing ideas in mind, save them for later.

6. Remember To Keep Poster Balanced

poster design illustration

The visual impact of the poster should be your core focus. You need to align the image, graphics, logo & text accordingly. Even if your text & graphics are applied overlay, they should appear fantastic. n a nutshell, the visibility of advertisement poster templates should not be destroyed.

Keep header, image & other details proportionally aligned so that each element is embraced gracefully.

7. The Poster MUST Have A CTA

poster design sample

What do you want your target audience to do after watching your poster? “Enroll now,” “Visit our website,” “Go Buy,” etc are some of the CTA most posters reflect instead of saying it directly. A poster should never be without a specific Call-to-Action.

Assess & analyze your poster after designing on this basis only. Will you buy a product after watching this poster? Will you join the summer camp? It should be extremely convincing.

8. Don’t Forget To Put Up Your Contact Details

poster design idea

One of the most essential tips for poster promotion is to have contact information on your poster. Whom will your target audience reach out to if they need further details? What if they have any queries after watching your product promotion poster?

Mentioning your website, contact no., social media profiles, relevant hashtags, etc is mandatory these days. Make sure you don’t miss out on this. Also, you can use QR Codes on a poster to increase engagement rates, attract new customers and explain your product or service in greater detail.

9. Go For High-Quality Prints Only

poster design template

High-quality print depends on two things, high-quality file format & high-quality printer. You should save your poster templates in a high-quality file that’s print-friendly. Secondly, assign a printing job to a reputable firm that specializes in poster printing. There is no way you’ll have a cheap or unprofessional poster then.

10. Highlight Your Posters At The Right Places

poster promotion image

You have invested time & effort in promo poster designing. Your poster deserves to be marketed in the right places. Maximize the exposure of your posters by marketing them where your target audiences pass by. You may also think about wall-sticking posters at places if allowed.

As you follow these poster design ideas, there is no way you can make it a miss. 

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