What Are the Different Types of Posters?

Different types of Poster designs that used to put life to walls are now being used as a powerful weapon of brand promotions. And before you doubt, let us share that posters are NOT old-fashioned because you already see more of them around you as you pass by the road, right?

When you choose posters for business promotions, you use unique ideas for grabbing people’s attention & win their faith & loyalty.

No matter if you’ve just started a business or own a well-established one, you’ll want to try as many poster design ideas as you can. Supporting your idea, we’re here with a stunning range of advertising posters that’ll hit your target audience right.

10 Popular Types Of Posters To Promote Your Business Now & Later

We highly recommend you try different types of posters every time you think about poster marketing campaigns so that you’ll have fine servings for your target audience all the time. Poster templates also can help you to promote your product.

In a nutshell, it is important to experiment with your advertising style because nobody wants to have the same food always.

1. Typography Posters

Typography poster design is no joke. One must have skills to create a stunning combination of everything on the poster & centralize focus on typefaces. Ideal for any niche, typography poster designs is the top choices of the world’s best brands. Thanks to the modest impression they create, sometimes brands go for a plain background & classic fonts in bold. That’s how amazing typography posters are!

However, you can always jam typography styles with extravagant graphics for a modernized look & feel.

Typography Poster idea

Tip: If you choose typography poster design, So make sure you know how to combine different font styles tactfully. For an easy-on-the-eyes look, go for two to three font combinations at a time.

2. Informational Posters

To be fancy, we call the basic ad posters as infomercial posters. Breaking down the term, it only means a poster with information. You use infomercial posters when you want to represent a product or service that needs the attention of the target audience. However, create buzz with a poster template can also help you to create stunning posters!

Information poster templates can be a combination of graphics, illustrations, fonts, stock images, etc as you like. You may also use them for creating awareness.

Informational poster example

3. Formative Posters

Formative posters are meant to spread awareness regardless of it being for a business, product, or service. In other words, formative posters are for business promotions that aren’t represented like one.

They’re best for brand awareness when you’re prioritizing “why people should prefer your brand?” without expressing “buy our products”.

Formative poster illustarion

4. Minimalist Posters

Do you have a marketing concept that can present with the least graphics usage? If yes, minimalist posters are for you. It’s just a way of representing your marketing campaign in the least crowded way. Here are instances of our minimalist posters to consider.

Minimalist poster sample

5. Research Posters

When you’ve drilled down a study, be it in commercial, scientific, or any other sector, research posters can do them justice. Unlike other marketing posters, research poster templates may have multiple columns, graphs, references to data sources, and graphics too. You can customize as per the demand of the situation.

We’re not saying that research poster examples need to be boring. If you’ve got a thing for creativity, make your research poster fun to be watched & understood.

Research Posters template idea

6. Event Posters

As the name suggests, event posters are coverage of any upcoming events whether it is a formal or public event. The best thing about designing event posters is you don’t need to follow any constraints. Just break-free & apply your imagination to make it as creative & unique as you can.

You may consider concert posters, festival posters, business posters, poster webinars, etc as instances of event posters.

In a nutshell, event posters serve the dual purpose of informing the target audience & inviting them to the event, but engagingly.

Even poster template illustration

7. Infographic Posters

Traditionally used as education infographic posters for academic purposes, we can now see infographic posters created for multiple uses. For instance, we can see infographic research posters by the government for educating the public regarding the use of masks & sanitizers. It’s all about sharing valuable information using graphics.

It can be used by any firm, institution, or organization to communicate research-based information interestingly. Let us tell you, E-posters are high in trend too.

Infographic poster design idea

8. Sale & Discount Posters

Are you planning a sale season for your store? You’ll surely need sale poster templates. It wouldn’t be unfair if we say that discount sale posters are used by-default to attract customers. Even big brands don’t miss the opportunity to target the local market with discount poster templates. We don’t need to introduce you to such posters as you’ve already got numerous instances.

Sale & Discount Poster example

9. Entertainment Posters

They can be posters with artistic effects, may have pop-art feels, cartonnier touch, etc. We can say that entertainment posters are focused on user-engagement. You can set the tone likewise & see how incredible poster entertainment turns out to be.

Entertainment Poster design template

10. Affirmative or Motivational Posters

Affirmative or motivational posters are one of the promotional tactics that spread positivity. They’re one of the most successful marketing strategies that are focused on bringing positive thoughts in the reader’s mind instead of representing themes where we’re letting down our competitors.

Affirmative or Motivational Poster design template

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