Restaurant Flyer Ideas and Examples

restaurant flyer design ideas


When it comes to advertising a restaurant, there are a number of different tactics you can use. But one of the most effective (and often overlooked) is thinking of eye-catching restaurant flyer design.

Flyers are a great way to quickly and easily get your message in front of potential customers. They’re also an excellent way to showcase your restaurant’s unique selling points, menu items, and specialties.

If you’re looking to create a restaurant flyer, check out the best restaurant flyer design ideas and examples below for inspiration. These restaurant flyer ideas will help get your creative juices flowing and give you a better idea of what works (and doesn’t). So what are you waiting for? Start designing!

Table of Content

  1. Why creating a restaurant flyer is important?
  2. When is the right time to create a restaurant flyer?
  3. What content should we put in the restaurant flyer design?
  4. Where should we distribute restaurant flyers?
  5. How can we create restaurant flyers?
  6. Best food and restaurant flyer examples

Why Creating a Restaurant Flyer is Important?

When advertising your restaurant, nothing beats the power of a well-designed flyer. Flyers are an affordable and effective way to reach potential customers and can be distributed virtually anywhere. You can be inspired by many restaurant flyer ideas to have your own.

There are countless reasons to create a restaurant flyer. Some of the key benefits include:

– Increased visibility for your restaurant

– Improved customer awareness of your menu and prices

– Encourages word-of-mouth marketing

– Stimulates impulse buying

So if you’re looking to make an impression on potential diners, a well-designed restaurant marketing flyer is a great way to do it!

When is the Right Time to Create a Restaurant Flyer?

Holiday Offers

Planning a special supper for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day? Give life to your restaurant flyer ideas with a subject that will inform your customers.

holiday offer on restaurant flyer
Source: Instagram

Corporate Events

Let potential customers know if your venue is available to hold business events. Spread the restaurant marketing flyers throughout office buildings and even at metro stops close to business zones.

corporate meal offer on a flyer
Source: Instagram

Launching a New Food Item

Don’t assume that consumers will notice when you add new products or go through a seasonal adjustment. Make a restaurant menu flyer to inform them. Additionally, incorporate the electronic version into a newsletter.

Offer customers hard-to-refuse bargains like 20–50% off your most popular items or a daily menu for a set price to draw them into your restaurant.

Create a special offer after 6 PM to draw customers as soon as they leave work.

new food launching flyer
Source: Instagram

Themed Nights

Using a restaurant marketing flyer to promote a special night, such as a live music performance at your restaurant or a wine-tasting event, can be pretty successful. You might also consider events centered around cuisines, such as Paneer Night, Desi Dinner, or Tacky Tuesdays.

If your kitchen layout permits, you can host live cooking events where customers can watch your chef in action and even learn some exclusive tips and techniques to use at home.

restaurant themed night flyer
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What Content to Include in a Restaurant Flyer Design?

When creating a food service flyer, the sky’s the limit! Literally.

You can be creative and include any content in your flyer design. However, there are a few staples that every good flyer should have.

  1. Headline- Your food service flyer should have a catchy headline that will grab people’s attention. Use words like free, specials, discover, exquisite, and delicious.
  2. Menu- You should also include brief descriptions of your menu items and photos of your dishes.
  3. Contact info and address and local view- Don’t forget to list your contact information and your hours of operation. Also, add the ambiance you provide or if there is a local amusement view. 
  4. Concept and style- A brief description of your restaurant’s concept and style, along with any unique selling points or specialties.
  5. Images- Photos of your restaurant’s interior and exterior, as well as any food or drink items you want to highlight.
  6. Special offers- Any special deals or promotions you are currently offering.
  7. Engaging call to action- A call to action, such as an invitation to come to dine with you or a special offer for first-time customers.

And lastly, be sure to print your flyer on high-quality paper to make it look professional.

Best Places to Distribute Your Restaurant Flyers

It’s time to get your restaurant flyer design ideas out there! But before you do, it’s essential to know where to distribute them.

Here are the best places to distribute your restaurant flyers:

1. In local businesses – Ask the companies if you can leave your flyers in their shop or office. Many business owners are happy to help promote local businesses, and it’s an excellent way for their customers to learn about your restaurant.

2. At community events – Attend community events in your area and hand out your flyers to attendees. This is a fantastic and cost-effective way to get your restaurant in front of new people who may not have heard of you.

3. In local newspapers – Contact the editorial staff of local newspapers and offer to provide them with a story about your restaurant. In exchange, ask if they would be willing to publish a few of your restaurant flyers.

4. On social media – Share your restaurant flyer on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure to use relevant hashtags so that people who are interested in food and restaurants will see them.

5. In customer emails – If you have a mailing list of customers, send them an email with a PDF of your restaurant flyer attached. This is a great way to reach people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

How Can We Create Restaurant Flyers?

Follow these tips when designing a restaurant marketing flyer to make it stand out from the competition.

First of all, it’s essential to choose the right colors and images. Bright, eye-catching colors can help draw attention to your flyer and help you stand out from the competition. 

When selecting images, choose ones that represent the atmosphere of your restaurant and appeal to your target demographic.

Another critical aspect of designing an excellent restaurant menu flyer is ensuring your text is straightforward and easy to read. Use high-contrast colors for headlines or essential information and fonts that are clear to the eyes. 

Additionally, ensure all essential information is included—location and contact information—and avoid overcrowding your design with too much text.

If you are short of restaurant flyer ideas and cannot find restaurant flyer examples, you can always use tools.

Tools such as PhotoADKing can help you create the best restaurant flyer design.

Follow the simple steps-

  1. Signup or Login PhotoADKing.
  2. Search for a restaurant flyer design that suits you, like a menu flyer design, food restaurant flyer design, food service flyer, or restaurant marketing flyer.
  3. Edit the restaurant flyer design template as you need.
  4. Save, Share & Download your restaurant flyer design.

You can also search for restaurant flyer examples on our website. 

Examples of Eye-catching Food Flyers Designs

Let’s explore some restaurant flyer examples to get your creative juices flowing! An excellent food flyer should catch your eye with its colors, designs, and images. Here are some of the best restaurant flyer ideas that we’ve seen:

Classic Restaurant Flyer Design

This type of design lists all the items on the menu in a clear and organized way. The colors used for this flyer were bright and vibrant to make it stand out from the rest.

classic restaurant flyer template

Restaurant Flyer With Background Image

Features an esthetically pleasing background image with eye-catching typography. The bold and legible font made it easy to read the restaurant flyers’ content.

restaurant flyer with background image

Restaurant Flyer With Engaging Special Offers

Emphasizes promotional messages with big and bold titles that draw attention to special offers such as “Happy Hour discounts” or “Free delivery”. It also features a simple yet captivating color scheme that catches your eye without being overwhelming.

promotional restaurant flyer

Holiday Restaurant Flyer

Restaurants must fully utilize the schedule of holiday activities. No holiday should be forgotten or ignored. Christmas, the New Year, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, etc., are a few examples. Flyers for holidays can be utilized to inform people about the fantastic deals offered during those holidays.

black friday restaurant flyer template

Creative Food Flyer Design

A creative food flyer stands out when it uses an unusual format or incorporates restaurant-specific features.

creative food flyer template

Restaurant Event Flyer

These designs are intended to advertise gatherings where your food will be served. For instance, live music events, corporate inaugurations, trivia evenings, etc.

restaurant event flyer template

Informative Restaurant Flyer

informative restaurant flyer template

These flyers are intended to inform and update customers about the most recent menu modifications, new operating hours, location changes, new kitchens or newer amenities, etc.

restaurant opening hours on flyer

These are just some examples of eye-catching food flyers design, but you can come up with your creative designs as well!

Types of Templates for Restaurant Flyer Design

Restaurant Marketing Flyer

restaurant marketing flyer template

Restaurant Menu Flyer

restaurant menu flyer template

Plant-based Food Restaurant Flyer Design

plant-based food flyer template

Indian Restaurant Flyer Template

indian restaurant flyer template

Food Sale Flyer Template

food sale flyer template

Restaurant Specials Flyer

restaurant special flyer template

Food Service flyer

food service flyer template


When marketing your restaurant, nothing is more essential than a well-designed flyer. Flyers provide an opportunity to showcase your establishment in all its glory and to list the delicious items on the menu. They can be distributed anywhere, from grocery stores to local businesses. With the right design, your restaurant marketing flyer can help attract new customers and increase your profits.