Coming Soon Flyer Ideas and Tips

coming soon flyer ideas

Coming soon flyers are an excellent way to create anticipation, generate buzz around an upcoming event, product launch, or promotion, and a popular marketing tool. In this article, we’ll explore the coming soon flyer ideas and tips.

These flyers are designed to provide a sneak peek into what’s to come. Creating a sense of excitement and intrigue that encourages people to mark their calendars and get ready for the big reveal. The flyer is usually distributed through various channels, such as social media, email, or physical mailings, to reach a wide audience. Which can lead to increased attendance or sales when the project is launched.

However, creating a compelling flyer that captures people’s attention and entices them to learn more can be a challenge. To help you create an effective flyer that gets results. We’ve put together some coming soon flyer templates that inspire you and help you to create a coming soon flyer that gets noticed and generates buzz. So, let’s dive in and explore some of the best coming soon flyer ideas. That can give you more information about the coming soon flyer.

Therefore, it’s essential to carefully consider the design and messaging of an online coming soon flyer and ensure that it accurately represents what is to come.

Coming Soon Flyer Ideas

1. Launch of a New Product or Service

You can use this type of flyer for product launches and other services that are coming soon and can add information like product first look photo, location, timing, and the brand name.

product launch flyer

2. Upcoming Hotel Launch or Residential Building 

This type of flyer showcases the preview event for an upcoming residential building or hotel launch. That can generate excitement among potential buyers or guests. As well as highlight what guests can expect to see and experience.

hotel launch flyer

3. Upcoming Sale or Discount Event

These flyers are useful in sales like beauty sales, grocery sales, clothing brand sales, and many more, and also used for the discount event held in a specific period of time.

discount flyer template

4. Announcement of Restaurant or New Menu Launch

Many restaurants use coming soon flyers to launch the menu in their restaurants and this type of design adds the details like menu theme, newly added items, timing, and location.

upcoming restaurant flyer

5. Upcoming a New Exhibit or Art Show

That offers a preview of the artwork that will be showcased at the upcoming exhibit. These flyers include an art show preview, artist meet and greet, opening night invitations, curator talks, and interactive exhibits.

art show flyer template

6. New Collection Arrival Flyer

For shops and malls, in particular, these flyers can be especially useful. By using a new collection coming soon flyer, they can pique the interest of their customers and give them a preview of what’s to come. This can help generate anticipation and excitement. Which can translate into more sales once the new collection is released.

new collection flyer template

7. Announcement of a Fashion Show or Parlor

Fashion-related coming soon flyers are used in haute couture shows, new collection launches, charity fashion shows, bridal shows, and streetwear shows.

beauty saloon flyer template

8. Upcoming Concert or Music Festival

A coming soon flyer for a concert and music concert festival is used by different agencies or singers. Who will announce that a concert is coming in the future! This type of flyer has information like a headline, ticket information, venue, contact information, and design information.

music festival flyer

9. Upcoming Website or Blog Launch

For a company or anything launching a new website or blog, a coming soon flyer can generate interest and encourage people to sign up for updates.

website launch template

10. Grand Opening of a New Store or Business

These grand opening flyers add the time, location, contact information, free giveaways for the first customers, and special discounts available only on opening day, also add the brand name and logo.

grand opening flyer template

11. Announcement of a Webinar or Workshop

Here is an example of the flyer, that can be coming soon webinars and workshop flyers. Examples, such as educational workshops, training sessions, online courses, seminars, and webinars.

announcement of workshop flyer

12. Upcoming Sports Events or Tournaments 

We can use flyers for upcoming sports events or tournaments. Like holding a sporting event, championship, world cups, and many more. Additionally, if you want to create or design a flyer for any sporting event or tournament. The solution is here, you can check out these football flyer ideas and examples.

sports event template

13. Upcoming Job Fair or Career Event

A flyer for a job fair or career event typically includes pieces of information. Just like a description of the event, featured employers, logo or branding, and images or graphics.

upcoming events template

14. Announcement of a New Community Event

A coming soon flyer can be used to announce an upcoming new community event, including a hint of the month, location, and performers.

new community event flyer

15. Announcement of Health Care Centres or Stores

In the upcoming live show and film festival flyers, add information like featured performers or films. Because if there are any featured performers or films, they should be listed on the flyer, along with a brief description, ticket information, and schedule.

health care center template

Tips for “Coming Soon” Flyer to Look Attractive

1. High-quality Visuals

Incorporate high-quality visuals, such as photographs, illustrations, or graphics that align with the upcoming event or promotion.

2. Bold Typography

Use bold typography that stands out and catches the viewer’s attention. Consider using different font sizes, colors, and styles to create contrast and visual interest.

3. Use Color Strategically

Using color to create a mood or emotion. That aligns with the upcoming event or promotion and also contrasts colors to make important information stand out.

4. Keep It Simple and Uncluttered

Don’t overload the flyer with too much information or too many design elements. Keep the design clean and uncluttered to make it easy to read and visually appealing.

5. Create a Focal Point

Create a focal point on the flyer, such as an image or headline, that draws the viewer’s attention and encourages them to read more.

6. Whitespace

Use whitespace strategically to create contrast and guide the viewer’s eye through the flyer. This can make the design feel more balanced and visually appealing.

7. A Unique Shape 

Consider using a unique shape for the flyer, such as a circle or triangle, to make it stand out from other marketing materials.

8. Creative Copy

Use creative copy that is engaging, memorable, and makes the viewer curious about the upcoming event or promotion.

9. Branding

Use branding elements, such as a logo or color scheme, to make the flyer feel cohesive with the rest of your marketing materials.

10. Make It Interactive

Consider making the flyer interactive, such as by including a QR code or augmented reality element, to create a more engaging experience for the viewer.

11. Retargeting Ads

Use retargeting ads to show the “Coming soon” flyer to people who have already visited your website or engaged with your brand on social media. This can reinforce the message and increase the likelihood that they will take action when the event or promotion launches.


In conclusion, by incorporating eye-catching graphics, clear and concise messaging, and a call-to-action. You can capture the attention of your target audience and encourage them to take action. Whether you’re promoting a new restaurant, a concert, or a store opening. A well-designed flyer can be an effective tool to get people talking and generate interest in your offering. With a little creative coming soon flyer ideas and strategic planning, you can create a flyer that stands out.