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Welcome to the ultimate guide for Graphic Design Trends 2020.

Refreshing your thoughts for graphic design is all you should do to bring a twist of creativity to any design you approach.

Being an umbrella term and a versatile niche, graphic design trends come and go. We are here with some fanciful trends that are here to stay and rule.

9 Sublime Graphic Design Trends You Should Try

Let’s have a look at some of the trends that will dominate the graphic design industry in year 2020.

1. The Magic of 3D Graphics

It’s a 3D era and the way it is being adopted by users, it’s a win-win for any graphics design to be molded as 3D. A thoughtful combination of photo and 2D objects can be implemented for a beautiful design that is blessed with technology.

3d graphics

Be it GIFs, poster templates, flyers, banners or any other branding material, it gets a complete makeover when designed as 3D. It increases interactivity and users get keen to stop-by.

2. Go Trendy, Go Monochrome

One trend that has highly bloomed is nothing but monochrome. What a sassy look and feel it gives! The best thing is you don’t need to peep here and there for color schemes. It’s a legit way to design anything by sticking to a single color family. Learn the trending color schemes to stupefy your audience.


Nail any graphic design with monochrome contrast for a serene, sophisticated, and effortless design look. You may either choose to implement a monochrome look with a single image or turn the entire theme as monochrome, it will add a dash of opulence to your design regardless of where it is applied.

3. Shining Materials is the New Rich

The rule of thumb to make your product look richly wrapped is to adopt the shiny material design. Also, the overall design stays minimal, thus drawing focus to the metallic effect. 

shining business card

Gold is a former colour choice by most designers but you can be a rule-breaker for your design. It can be a gift-wrap design, perfume box or chocolate wrap, it can be made elegant and luxurious with shiny material designs. Wedding card designs are also chosen with shadow and shine effect for it to appear out of the world. Check out the instance shown above.

By combining this trend with relief engraving, the effect can be more realistic. It transforms the touch and feel of branding material, for instance, business cards.

4. Take a turn to Tantalizing Typography

As you dive deep, you find the sea deeper when it is about Typography. A combination of trending fonts is just the beginning, it’s a big-time for designers to flourish like anything. 

glitch effect

Breaking down a word into multiple lines, achieving semi-transparency with an image at the back, playing with heavy fonts, and forming shapes with typefaces is all WOW! The edgy design will be a heartthrob, no matter if it is displayed on advertisement screens, on peppy posters, flyers, product package design or a banner on the homepage, it will be dashing.

Play with typography styles for breathtaking live screens. Lettering can transform the look completely. Knowing the correct font pairing is quite important to rock a design smoothly.

5. Mask ’em up! (Image & Text)

The masking effect of image and text is nothing new yet seems an exciting approach. It is something new that you fetch everywhere when you are out of design inspiration. 

image and text

We often see flyer design templates or magazine covers throwing light on typography distinctly. If you want to make the least efforts too then go for image and text masking. Designers are expected to give a push to this trend and take it to the next level by now.

Photoshop Pros can implement masking effects in a few minutes but you don’t need to worry as you can achieve similar results without many efforts. Graphic design templates available with branding material maker will get you there easily. 

6. Scintillating & Simplified Illustrations

Professional Graphic Designers understand that the struggle is real when the client roughly explains the concept. Flowy illustrations come into the picture when you lack the details. This makes the way for designers to choose the concept over art and introduce users with the simplicity of design explained via illustrations.


7. Self-Explanatory Illustrations

The introduction of isometric illustrations was made a few years back and now it’s the time for its evolution. It is under implementation as infographic design, web design, and similar style because of its super-power to illustrate 3D objects on the 2D layout.

Create engaging visuals online with isometric designs that are fully automated and full of life on screen. Give realistic experiences to users with this evolving design trend that illustrates a moving 3D thus keeping target audience hooked.

3d illustrator

Isometric illustrations work best for product usage guide or process explanation on the app or website. 

8. Slay the 2020s with Vintage

What we do today is somewhere an improved version of what they used to do yesterday. With minor modifications to complete transformation, the world of graphic design is moving fast.

vintage graphics

There are instances when nothing can justify the theme than Vintage. So, if you see some latest logo trends themed Vintage, don’t get surprised. To be precise, Vintage is all about the earthy smell of handmade paper, hand-drawn illustrations, and that old vine feel we get as we see the design. 

Count on Vintage if you are out of menu card ideas for your restaurant serving from ages or built new to serve authentic recipes.

9. Geometrics is the new Gorgeous

Where did the drawing start from? The rough work with linings and experimenting of colours tracks down to the simplicity of design. It may seem easy but you have to feed your design with all in your mind to create something that is beautiful and understanding. 

Be it your website banner, magazine cover, book cover, or brochure cover design, play with geometrics to bring distinct and genuine feel.

geometric graphics

Get set go with Graphic Design Trends 2020

By the time you have scrolled through such wonderful graphic design trends for 2020, you must be curious to try them. It’s always a good day to do something new. If you have any branding material design in your ‘to-do’ list, now is the time to test your creativity. Revise what you have learned today with PhotoADKing, your all-rounder branding material design maker.