Education Brochure Design Ideas & Examples

Attractive and informative brochures can be a powerful tool for promoting education and engaging students and parents. 

Whether you’re a school administrator, teacher, or student, designing a brochure is a great way to communicate important information about your institution, programs, and events.

In this article, we will explore elements of education brochure design and ideas and tips to provide you with easy-to-use brochure templates that can help you create a professional-looking brochure in no time.

So, Let’s get started and discover how to create a successful fashion brochure.

Elements of Education Brochure Design

Color Scheme

The creative color scheme of an education brochure is a crucial element to consider. Because It should choose based on your school or education program’s brand and should attract the reader’s attention. The colors used should be eye-catching and memorable.

color scheme in education brochure template


The images used in an education brochure should be high-quality and relevant to the program. 

Because these images could be of students learning and having fun in the classroom, teachers and staff, or even facilities and equipment. 

They help to bring the brochure to life and give potential students a visual idea of what they can expect.

high quality image use in education brochure template design


The headlines of an education brochure should be clear, concise, and attention-grabbing. 

They should be easy to read and should accurately reflect the content in the brochure. They should also write in a way that makes the reader want to keep reading.

headline use in education brochure template design


The content of an education brochure should provide information about the program in simple, easy-to-understand language. 

Because this can include a description of the courses offered, the teaching methodologies used, and the type of environment students can expect. If you’re providing online GCSE maths tutor services, this can include a description of the courses offered, the teaching methodologies used, and the type of environment students can expect. While if you provide online AI homework help that passes AI content detection, you can highlight how students can benefit from a 24/7 available AI homework assistant online.

The content should also highlight the benefits of the program and why it is the best choice for students.

education brochure template full content design


The layout of an education brochure is important for making it easy for readers to find the information they need.

A clean and organized layout, with clear headings and bullet points, helps to make the information easy to digest.

It also ensures that the reader stays engaged and focused on the content.

Call to Action

A call to action is a crucial element of an educational brochure. It encourages the reader to take action, whether it be to enroll in the program or to contact the school for more information.

This can achieve through statements like “Join our program today and start your journey to success! or “Get started now, call [insert phone number].”

education brochure call to action design

Contact Information

The last but not least important element of an education brochure is contact information.

It is essential to provide your phone number, email, and website so that potential students can reach out to you for more information or to enroll in the program. 

This helps to build trust and credibility and makes it easier for students to take the next step.

education brochure design contact page

Education Brochure Design Ideas and Tips

Highlighting Key Information

Divide the brochure into sections using headings and subheadings. 

Use bullet points to break down complex information into easily digestible chunks. This helps the reader quickly find and understand the most important information.


Including images, graphics, and illustrations can make the brochure more visually appealing and help to break up the text. 

Choose images that are relevant to the education program and of high quality.

Personal Touch

Address the reader directly and use language that is conversational and engaging. Explain how the education program will benefit the reader and what makes it unique. For a user-friendly platform that helps you create and manage online courses, lessons, and assignments with ease, visit the WordPress LMS plugin.


Including quotes from past students or educators can help to build trust and credibility. 

Testimonials can be a powerful way to show the impact of the program and what students can expect to gain from it.

education brochure design review template

Brief and to the Point

Stick to the most essential information, and avoid overwhelming the reader with too much detail. The brochure should be concise and focused, with a clear message and call to action.

Target Audience

Consider the age, interests, and needs of the target audience when designing the brochure. Tailor the content and design to suit the reader and make it clear how the education program will meet their needs.


A thorough proofreading of the content is essential to ensure that there are no errors or typos. This helps to maintain the credibility of the program and prevent misunderstandings.

Interactive Elements

Adding interactive elements, such as QR codes, links, or quizzes tool, it encourages the reader to engage with the content further.

This can help to deepen their understanding and interest in the education program.

Create a Digital Education Brochure Using PhotoADKing

Open your web browser and go to the PhotoADKing website. Log in to your account or create a new one if you haven’t already.

After login goes to the dashboard and select “Brochure” from the category and write your niche education in the text box after pressing enter.

photoadking category page

Now, you can choose your education templates according to your needs.

photoadking education brochure design template page

Customize the template with your own text, images, and design elements.

photoadking editor page

photoadking editor page

Preview and adjust your design until you are satisfied. 

After finalizing the template save it.

photoadking save page

Download or share the brochure online.

photoadking download page
photoadking share page

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In conclusion, an education brochure is a powerful tool for promoting your institution and attracting potential students. 

By presenting information in an attractive and organized manner, a well-designed brochure can effectively showcase your unique offerings, facilities, and opportunities. 

This article will help you create a brochure that accurately reflects your institution and appeals to your target audience.

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