Real Estate Brochure Design Ideas

Real estate brochures are an important marketing tool for showcasing a property to potential buyers or renters. A well-designed brochure can help highlight the key features of a property and make it stand out from the competition.

It is an authentic way to market, promote and advertise properties. Therefore, agents should always leverage making attractive brochures to bring their business to the limelight.

In this post, we have compiled the real estate brochure templates for easy use and to inspire you to create your own. Here are a few real estate brochure design ideas to keep in mind when creating a real estate brochure:

Table of Content

  1. Who is the target audience for the real estate brochures?
  2. What content should we put in the real estate brochure?
  3. Where should we distribute real estate brochures?
  4. What are the benefits of a real estate brochure?
  5. How can we create a real estate brochure?
  6. Size and format of the Real Estate brochure
  7. Best real estate brochure design examples

Who is the Target Audience for the Real Estate Brochures?

Home Sellers

Creating a brochure is one of the most effective ways to showcase the features of the property. It creates enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming property. Real estate brochures also help in getting more leads and a sense of readiness among potential buyers.

brochure example for home sellers
Source: Instagram

Real Estate Professionals

What amenities do you offer, and what are your best property features? These could be showcased in a well-defined real estate brochure. It helps real estate professionals to give a sense of clarity to their buyers about the property they are willing to invest in.

real estate professional brochure example
Source: Instagram

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies who are closely working with real estate professionals can use Real estate brochures made uniquely to capture the attention of buyers. It can be used on social media posts, advertising, and marketing while running an ad campaign. It could be posted on websites too and added to infographics.

Graphic Designers

Real estate brochures have unique templates, designs, and layouts that require creativity and hard work. Graphic designers can learn a lot more aspects of brochure creation and fresh new ideas while on the journey of creating a brochure themselves.  

What Content Should We Put in the Real Estate Brochure?

Company Slogan and Logo

You need to mention the company’s name and its well-designed real estate logo which is also an identity to it on a real estate brochure while designing it.

company logo and slogan on brochure
Source: Instagram

Salient Features of the Property

What is your property all about and what you’re offering can be listed very efficiently on the brochure? The pool, backyard, children’s area, security, and gymnasium all can be shown here with their respective features and sizes.

property features on brochure
Source: Instagram

Contact Info

Get in touch! It is the most important information shown on a real estate brochure where the buyer needs to contact the seller if he shows interest in the property.

contact details on brochure
Source: Instagram

Asking Price

You need to give a clear idea to the buyer about how much investment you are making in the property. It gives them clarity on whether it is affordable to them or not.

asking price on real estate brochure
Source: Instagram

Images of Property

Images convey better than words, thus it becomes more and more important that there are images in your brochure. It gives a clear idea to the potential buyer of what he is investing in. You can also include images of a map or floor plan of the property for more reference.

property images on brochure
Source: Instagram


Including a small map in a real estate brochure can be a useful way to give potential buyers or renters an idea of the property’s location in relation to other landmarks and amenities.

map on real estate brochure
Source: Instagram

Where Should We Distribute Real Estate Brochures?

You should know who is the end receiver of your brochure and where you can send them. You may send it via:

  1. Email: You can directly send the brochure via an email or newsletter to your old and prospective customers
  2. Social media: Posting your brochure on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can attract a wide audience.
  3. Print marketing: You can generate hardcopies of your brochures and also these can be reached via newspapers, magazines, and other publications to show the availability of the property.
  4. Community centers: Community centers, libraries, and schools are often visited by potential buyers and are good places to leave brochures.
  5. Local businesses: Consider leaving brochures at local businesses that may attract buyers, such as coffee shops, restaurants, and retail stores.
  6. Events: Attend local events, such as trade shows or fairs, and distribute brochures to attendees.

What Are the Benefits of a Real Estate Brochure?

Creating a real estate brochure is a great way to showcase and promote a property. Even when everything is digitalized, brochures still prove to be effective and hold their place because they can be widely distributed, cost-efficient, and visually appealing. The benefits of a brochure are:

  • It allows potential buyers to get a better insight into the property. 
  • Highlight the best features and amenities of a property. 
  • Make a definite place in the real estate business.

How Can We Create a Real Estate Brochure?

It’s simple and quick! Find a template that matches your branding and style. Customize it by adding photos, videos, and text. With PhotoADKing you can get many real estate brochure design ideas. You can choose your desired template and design your real estate brochure with us.

Steps to follow: 

  1. Signup or Login PhotoAKing
  2. Choose a real estate brochure template to suit your needs and preferences
  3. You can easily edit it with your images, videos, and text. Add your company’s logo or branding!
  4. After you’ve created your design, you can just download it or share it online.

Doesn’t that sound easy? So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Some Pro Tips to Create a Good Real Estate Brochure

With the help of PhotoADKing, you can choose a perfect layout for your Real Estate Brochure.

  • You don’t need to clutter it.
  • Add professional photography and the use of a Consistent color palette adds a lot more value to it.
  • You can use even simple shapes to create greater impact and maintain a definite alignment.

Size and Format of the Real Estate Brochure

Usually, a Real Estate brochure is made on an A3 sheet (29.7*42 cm ). Commonly single-sheet brochures are bi-fold or tri-fold.

real estate brochure sizes

The bi-fold has a single printed on both sides and is folded in half whereas the tri-fold gets folded in thirds. A bi-fold has 4 panels whereas a tri-fold has 6 panels.

Best Real Estate Brochure Design Ideas

Elegant Real Estate Property Brochure Design Idea

Sometimes you should choose elegant designs with neutral tones, simpler fonts, and designs that are clean and organized. An elegant layout helps the real estate brochure template to make it look attractive.

elegant real estate brochure template

Stylish Real Estate Property Brochure Design

This brochure for a real estate agent is wonderful, rare, and adaptable. When it comes to creating your real estate brochure design, are you searching for versatility and some difference, this one can do for you. 

stylish real estate brochure template

Savvy Real Estate Brochure Design

When you are savvy by nature and want to create something unique this template is for you.

savvy real estate brochure template

Minimal Real Estate Brochure Example

If you’re looking for a minimum, clean, organized real estate brochure design, this free template is just what you need.

minimal real estate brochure template

Modern Real Estate Brochure Example

You can use warm pastel tones and geometric shapes that give it a softer, cleaner, and more friendly look. Its modern design can also easily fit any real estate branding, advertising, and marketing.

modern real estate brochure template

Industrial Real Estate Brochure Example

Best fit for commercial, and corporate real estate and this helps you to showcase big buildings and skyscrapers.

industrial real estate brochure template

Abstract Real Estate Property Brochure Example

You can use abstract designs when you are thinking out of the box. Try using abstract templates for eye-catching and it can be a game changer for your business. It will surely take your customer’s attention. 

abstract real estate brochure template

Magnificent Real Estate Brochure Example

This template is simply beautiful and brings out the real estate property features magnificently. Simply choose these templates and start designing accordingly.

magnificent real estate brochure

Residential Real Estate Bifold Brochure Template

This real estate brochure is meant for properties where the main focus is on images in your listings. It is more of a family-oriented design so it can be used suitably for residential properties.

residential real estate brochure

Animated Real Estate Brochure Design

If love illustrations and want an animated theme, then this real estate brochure is for you. This way, you can show your creativity while designing your animated real estate brochure and put your ideas to life. This is an ideal template for creative minds.

animated real estate brochure

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A real estate brochure comprises your slogan, mission, headlines, contact info, and details of the property and can be structured effectively. With a proper application, its templates, and by following these real estate brochure design ideas, you can create a well-engaging real estate brochure concisely.

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