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Instagram Post Templates

Instagram post templates are beyond media uploads now. The scenario for business Instagram posts is completely changed & it’s an era when you stick to a theme for visual pleasure. And, if you’re a brand, Instagram content for businesses is noted by one and all.

The wall that looks so great must have brilliant minds behind it, said no one ever. What’s visible to the eyes is how passionately you’re utilizing Instagram Post Design Ideas for business. Not just businesses, common users are also taking their Instagram profiles seriously. It’s your call whether you want to create an everlasting impression or not with Instagram Video Post Maker.

instagram Post Template
instagram Post Templates

Whatever your niche is, all you want with IG Stories is to make your profile amazing – that’s all!

Cool Instagram Post Template Ideas to try before 2020 ends

Inspiring Fitness Instagram Posts

If you’re following fitness freaks on Instagram, we don’t need to mention the types of boosting posts we see. Full of energy & fitness-inspiring they are. This is how your profile should be organized too if you own a gym or you’re a fitness trainer.

Instagram Fitness Post Templates
Instagram Fitness Post Templates

Throw light on the most important aspects of fitness with Instagram Fitness Post Templates & encourage your audience. We’ll make sure you don’t look boring. 

Try these thoughtfully designed fitness post ideas by PhotoADKing & see what fit’s your current needs.

Best for:

  • Well-managed Instagram profile for fitness trainers, gyms & athletic coach/institute

Sales-triggering Instagram Shopping Ads

  • Any Instagram promotion ideas start with Instagram Shopping ads. No matter if it’s for a story or post, they should be outstanding. 
  • Make it the talk-of-the-town with these stunning ads featuring minimal text & eye-catchy details. 
  • Drive users to your site & grow your fan base with none other than tantalizing Instagram Shoppable Ads Templates.
Instagram Shoppable Ads Templates
Instagram Shoppable Ads Templates

Pro Tip: Pick Instagram Shopping Ad Template that best fits your needs & has color combinations suiting your niche. Decide what needs the spotlight & ensure it’s highlighted.

Best For:

  • Any business willing to start sponsored ads on Instagram
  • Beginners or professionals who want to make attractive Instagram shopping ads with minimal image design efforts

Refreshing Quote Instagram Post Templates

Who says quotes are only personal Instagram post ideas? Brands are now publishing engaging quote posts that take users off-beat without making it felt. Use the power of words & depict them smartly with attention-grabbing quote templates for Instagram.

Quotes For Instagram Post Templates
Quotes For Instagram Post Templates

Brands now use short-and-sweet quotes that may relate to the niche for user engagement purposes. 

For instance, if you’re into the photography business, you will not always share client’s images, keep a day to share interactive quotes that promote your brand.

Quotes take no time to go viral & when you share Quotes for Instagram Post Templates that sync with your theme, what a pleasant appeal it will give to your profile!

Fashion Instagram Posts that spice-up their lives!

Instagram Fashion Post Templates
Instagram Fashion Post Templates

The sole aim of fashion Instagram posts is to inspire people to buy something new & refresh their wardrobe. To make them look & feel good, you have to design something equally vigilant. Why don’t you try your hands on this stylish range of Instagram Fashion Post Templates?

Best for:

  • Fashion Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Boutique Owners
  • Budding Fashion Addicts

Knowing that fashion attracts the eye while beauty captures the heart, we still lookout for ways that make fashion Instagram posts better than the rest.

Things to consider:

  • The best way to ace your posts on fashion, see what others in your niche are doing. 
  • Figure out how you can make a noteworthy impression above them. 
  • Narrow down your choice to a fashionable template design for Instagram that’s pre-defined in size for a seamless experience. 

Travel Instagram Posts: Mandatory for Travel Business & Bloggers

Travelling is all about fun & we see a lot of wanderlust-inspiring posts on IG. Well, it’s often challenging for travel businesses to draw inquiries & sell packages. Take this as an opportunity to push your business.

If you have only noticed, Travel Instagram Posts Templates are clutter-free. They have minimal text until the major focus is on selling. The central focus is high-resolution images & breathtaking templates they are set in.

Always remember that the right template choice means a lot for the Travel industry so choose wisely.

Travel Instagram Posts Templates
Travel Instagram Posts Templates

Sharing travel posts without templates is like serving cold food. Check out similar templates that boost your travel business. And, if you enjoy travel blogging, this is your chance to make your blog reads soar with inviting templates.

Best for:

  • Travel Bloggers
  • Travel Agencies
  • Wanderlust-declined People

Pro Tip: Contrast the Travel Instagram Post Template Design with the rest of posts in your profile for a fantastic appeal

Restaurant Instagram Posts: Mouth-watering & Inviting

Restaurants, food delivery services & similar offerings in this niche now need next-level branding. These eye-popping & vibrant food posts Instagram will be a hit story. 

  • Utilize the collage structure or just use your specialty as mainstream. 
  • Share offers in a not-so-boring way with these extravagant post designs.
  • Use interactive Food Templates For Instagram that trigger reactions, comments & likes from your followers. For instance, it’s not always about the food you make but you may share highlights of something very exciting coming soon.
Food Templates For Instagram
Food Templates For Instagram

When to use Restaurant Instagram Post Templates?

  • Grand-opening of Restaurant/Franchise
  • Unveiling Combo-offers 
  • Any upcoming event is being hosted at your restaurant
  • Schemes, discounts, early-bird offer announcements
  • Showcase your services
  • Promote your best-seller food items
  • Engage users with food memes

Pro Tip: Strike a balance between text & image for an organized appearance. Decide what needs to be in focus – text or image? You may then proceed to create a fantastic food post for Instagram.

Event Instagram Posts for full-swing promotions

Announce events like they’re already grand. 

Choose sassy event promotion templates in classic themes that introduce your event to the world as something great is about to happen. Gone are the days when you used to handover invitation cards personally. Using Instagram posts is the new trend that is here to stay.

With the right Event Instagram Posts Templates, there is nothing you cannot achieve!

Event Instagram Posts Templates
Event Instagram Posts Templates

It’s a big deal as to how you unveil your products/services & with the right template choice, you make it! Instagram event promotion has traveled a long way & people notice everything. Just make sure to include essential details in the attractively designed event Instagram post template.

Themed Instagram Post is the Next Big Thing

Let’s say, for example, you’re starting a new business profile on Instagram. Would you like it to have individual posts appear different from each other or you’ll fix a color scheme or template format that make each of the upcoming post synonymous? 

What makes a single Instagram post successful is the thought brought to life. Make every theme a celebrating post on IG. Just have a check on these:

Instagram Business Post Templates
Instagram Business Post Templates

You cannot ignore the trust & reliability these template designs add to your business profile. How beautifully designed they are! We’ll make sure you always use updated & trendy template designs rather than dragging old school concepts.

Questionnaire Instagram post

When on Instagram, trends keep changing & ever repeating themselves. You must have encountered Questionnaire Instagram Posts Templates, right? If not, let us share how it looks like.

Questionnaire Instagram Post Templates
Questionnaire Instagram Post Templates

Best for:

  • Businesses who want to conduct a survey
  • Drop a hint of any upcoming instance & make your followers guess
  • “Fill-in-the-blank” kind of posts
  • ‘This’ or ‘That’ posts
  • Instagram Posts of type Polls

Personal Instagram Post Ideas

Okay now, we’ve discussed a lot about business Instagram posts. Let’s now talk about Personal Instagram Post Ideas. Just like businesses & professionals, non-professional users are also making maximum use of Instagram Ads.

No matter if you have hundreds of existing posts; it’s never too late to strategize posts with finely-crafted templates for personal use. As we’ve mentioned above, make full use of distinct category templates, as applicable.

Personal Instagram Post Ideas
Personal Instagram Post Ideas

For instance, you’re up for shopping & want to share your shopping-selfie, don’t post it without editing the same in a stupendous template. Similarly, post your weekend hangouts or group pictures without resembling templates. 

Forget what everyone else is doing & give your best to make your personal IG profile stand out. Believe it or not, things are different when you want to make it big with social media post maker.

Personal Instagram Post Templates
Personal Instagram Post Templates

Food for thought:

Most business Instagram profiles are linked to the owner’s personal Instagram profiles. If you own one, you should be very careful as it will make a distinct impression among your followers if you aren’t managing either of them as expected.

Looking for the Best Instagram Posts & Stories templates? Here’s your Call!

Whether you want to implement a wide-screen, 3*3, or themed look for your Instagram profile, PhotoADKing has it all. You can create the best Instagram posts for business with us & yes we boast! 

Instagram posts for business
Instagram posts for a business

You bear the idea in your mind & we provide you the platform to implement & it will be a success for sure. Marketing Instagram posts Templates is what everyone does but we will let you do like PROs. Let’s give it a try with our enormous Instagram post templates collection now!