Football Banner Ideas & Examples

Football banners are informative and influential. Which enables brands to effectively reach their target audiences. Despite this, individuals who organize football events face many challenges. In comparison with the rest, their main problem is that they cannot connect with their viewers.

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It has even been observed that some individuals have difficulty identifying the words “poster” or “banner” when creating a football banner. As well as choosing colors and text sizes for banners, and their purpose for marketing.

However, the primary purpose of football banners is to attract audiences to venues or to share information about what is on the banner. Below is some useful information and football banner ideas you might find helpful.

Table of Content

  1. Who can use a football banner?
  2. What is the difference between a football “Banner” and “Poster”?
  3. Why is it essential to use a football banner?
  4. What should be on the football banner?
  5. Where should I place a football banner?
  6. How can I make my football banner more attractive?
  7. How to make a football banner?
  8. Football banner example

1. Who Can Use a Football Banner?

  • Football Tournament Organizer
  • High School Students
  • Sports Academy
  • Marketer

Football Tournament Organiser

Organizers of regular football matches will find it very useful to display banners for upcoming matches because they want to attract as many people as possible.

Manuelsons Malabar Palace Instagram
Source: Instagram

High School Students

The aim of high school students is to display football banners on school walls for upcoming football matches. In short, it is one way to share information about football matches.

Youth soccer academy Instagram
Source: Instagram

Sports Academy

It is common for sports academies to organize football events. They use a football banner to advertise their football events and encourage more people to attend. 

Football+ Pro Soccer Academy
Source: Instagram


Many marketers use football banners digitally and through traditional marketing strategies to promote a football tournament.

2. What is the Difference Between a Football “Banner” and “Poster”?

In terms of functionality, banners and posters are the same. Each one aims to convey your message and achieve your intended response. Yet, football posters and banners have different pros and cons. 

Banners are made from a mixture of plastic and they are more durable outside, but they are also more expensive to produce. Football banners can also be printed in much larger sizes. Banners are a smart choice when you need to be seen by a large audience such as at a concert. You can use your banner repeatedly for many months or even years, such as at traveling shows.

On the other hand, football posters are printed on paper and they are extremely cheap. However, posters are not long-lasting outdoors. A poster is a better option for repetition because it can be mass-produced and distributed widely for a cheap price. As a matter of fact, you will find a number of ready-made football poster templates that can be customized according to your requirements.

3. Why is It Essential to Use a Football Banner?

  • To Advertise Your Football Event
  • To Increase Public Awareness
  • Reach a Wider Audience

To Advertise Your Football Event

You can advertise your event effectively by using a football banner, particularly if you’re just starting. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your strategy, this is the most effective marketing material to begin with. Alternatively, you can use football flyers to promote your football event. You can easily make football flyers using football flyer templates by PhotoADKing.

To Increase Public Awareness

For upcoming events, you can display football banners in local communities to give them a heads-up. In addition, you will be able to attract larger audiences if you schedule your event for the weekend. In fact, a valid banner can stop spreading rumors.

Reach a Wider Audience

You will be able to reach a broader audience, especially those who like watching football and are interested. Furthermore, you can advertise on your football banner that you will provide them with free food after the event or that you will host a party thereafter.

4. What Should Be on the Football Banner?

  • Organizing the Company or Sponsor’s Name
  • Event Name
  • Team Name or Details
  • Date And Time
  • The Venue
  • Company’s Website and Contact Details
  • The Theme Background
  • Headline or Tagline

Organizing the Company or Sponsor’s Name

The top of the banner should have the name of the person organizing the football event or your company’s name. If you get sponsors for the football event, you should also put their names in the top right or left corner. For instance, you may display sponsors’ names at the top of the banner as “XYZ company presents”.

Event Name

Football tournament names should be mentioned in large text because the name plays a significant role in the football tournament event.

Manuelsons Malabar Palace
Source: Instagram

Team Name or Details

You should mention the name of a particular team on the football banner. Each of these teams will take part in an upcoming football match, like A, B, C, or D. or A v/s B or C v/s D.

England in Dubai Instagram
Source: Instagram

Date And Time

The banner with the date and kick-off times is absolutely useful so that viewers can arrange their other activities in advance to attend this fantastic tournament.

England in Dubai Instagram
Source: Instagram

The Venue

Besides stating the date and time, it is extremely essential to provide information regarding the venue of this event.

Tingoinc Instagram
Source: Instagram

Company’s Website and Contact Details

You may also include your company’s web address and contact details on the banner so that visitors can learn more about the upcoming event and buy tickets online.

England in Dubai Instagram
Source: Instagram

The Theme Background

The banners should have a football-related theme, so the banners will look attractive and draw attention. Individuals will instantly recognize that this banner refers to a football match.

Headline or Tagline

The headline is the most influential part of the banner because it shows how much you support your favorite team. As well as a distinct tagline like “It’s football time” or “It’s not easy to play against us” that will be remembered by your football fans.

ksu nirmalagiri Instagram
Source: Instagram

5. Where Should I Place a Football Banner?

  • Social Media Platform
  • Billboards
  • Outside of the Stadium

Social Media Platform

Think about using social media platforms to share your football posters online. In addition to sharing your posters on Facebook, you should also post them on all of your social media profiles. If you would like, you can also use paid or sponsored ads.

Social media Instagram
Source: Instagram


On billboards, you can display football banners. You will attract attention through billboards. It is very convenient for those who are traveling or don’t have time for unnecessary things.

At fantasy football
Source: Fantasy Football loser billboard (Ken Molestina – CBS 11)

Outside of the Stadium

Organizers can use football banners to announce upcoming events outside the stadium when they promote football matches. 

Ford field football tournament homepage
Source: WXYZ Detroit

6. How Can I Make My Football Banner More Attractive?

  • Know Your Intent
  • Make Text Readable From a Distance
  • Choose Colors Wisely
  • Use High-quality Images
  • Use Quality Material for Banners

Know Your Intent

To design the appropriate banner, you need to start by making sure you have a clear understanding of your purpose. Why are you creating one? Where would you like to display it? What is it meant to achieve?

For instance, promoting an upcoming event, celebrating your team’s victories, raising football awareness, the highlights of the final match, creating excitement for your football fans

Make Text Readable From a Distance

The key is knowing what distance your banner will be viewed from and then making sure any text on the banner is easily readable from that distance. So how can you make sure passersby have no trouble reading the message on your banner? 

First, choose a classic font that is not too stylized. You may even want to bolden the font if the letters look a bit thin. 

Second, design is especially relevant for someone creating an outdoor banner. Keep your text short and to the point.

Choose Colors Wisely

Color is critical to conveying the right message. Color depends on what sort of impression you want to give. You can create better brand recognition through color. In the case that you choose blue as your brand color, use only blue everywhere else. There is no need to use other colors or shades of blue.

Use High-quality Images

When you are creating a graphic for your banner, you should be sure to save it as a vector file. The image will remain clear even when enlarged. If you are using a photograph or including .jpg, .tif, and other common file types make sure the file is not compressed, and save it with an output resolution between 100 and 200 dots per inch (DPI) at the full image size. 

This strategy will help you achieve maximum clarity. You should also make sure you use a printer that will print your banners in high resolution.

Use Quality Material for Banners

Physical materials themselves are extremely significant if you want your football banner to look professional. If it is designed to be hung outside where wind may be an issue, consider getting a mesh banner that allows airflow to pass through. 

Make sure your printer uses high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. Because if you use certified printing materials, you can keep them for a long time. 

7. How to Make a Football Banner?

With PhotoADKing it can be quite easy to create an attractive football banner. Here are some steps you can follow to make a football banner.

  1. Open PhotoADKing, Sign up or Log in to it.
  2. Enter ‘Football Banner’ in the search bar or visit the Football Banner Template page.
  3. You can choose any Football Banner template that suits your needs.
  4. Your template can be modified in the editor as you wish.
  5. Once you have finished editing, download it and share it.

8. Football Banner Ideas

All right, now it’s time to check out some football banner ideas. Here are some examples of inspirational football banners in various images, including theme-based posters and different types of football banners. Which might be helpful for you.

Football Announcement Banner

Football Announcement Banner

Football Championship Banner

Football Championship Banner

Football League Banner

Football League Banner

Football Training Banner

Football Training Alert Banner

Final Football Match Banner

Football Final Match banner

Football Banner Only for Girls

Football Banner Only for Girls

Postponed Football Banner

Postponed Football Banner

Football Party Banner

Football Party Banner

College Football Competition Banner

College Football Competition

Woman Football Webinar Banner

Woman Football Webinar Banner

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Wrapping up

Football banners are a great way to show tournament spirit and energize the crowd before a game or event. Furthermore, these banners are designed to intimidate the opposing team in addition to attracting attention from the crowd. People love to react to well-visualized contexts or information, which is why football banners exist. The perfect football banner doesn’t happen by accident. It takes some strategic football banner ideas, which we have described here.

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