15 Best Restaurant Menu Design Examples

menu design examples

If you own a restaurant in 2022, you’re probably aware that being creative is essential to keeping your customers happy. This applies to both the food you serve and the menu design examples of your restaurant, which should be distinct from your competitors.

Excellent restaurant menu designs can improve the dining experience, assist customers in making satisfying choices, and stimulate their appetite. A menu, on the other hand, is more than just a range of foods available at a restaurant; it is an advertising tool capable of communicating a restaurant’s identity and driving profit – if it is well designed.

They remind the consumer about who the restaurants are, what they are known for, and where they are located through their menu designs, which greatly enhances the likelihood of the client returning and even referring the restaurant to others.

Menu design examples are something you can create quickly and easily, and the better the design, the more food you’ll sell and the more successful your restaurant business will be. Whether you’re an artist or a novice, you’ll be able to create a beautiful menu in no time and with ease.

This post will discuss visual menu design examples for 2022 that can assist your restaurant business in increasing its profit margins. We looked for the most unique and appealing menus and came up with a list of 15 menu design examples for creative and exciting restaurants that will undoubtedly inspire you to create something beautiful that will help your restaurant thrive. Additionally, these menu designs will also level up your restaurant’s social media marketing.

Vintage Restaurant Menu Design

vintage restaurant menu

The vintage menu design examples are created to commemorate historical times. As a whole, proving back to former eras through specific menu sample features, most commonly those popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Since the menu designs are considerably older, it makes people of all ages nostalgic.

Colorful Restaurant Menu Design

colorful restaurant menu

Are you looking for a fantastic menu sample template? This menu design example might be just what you’re looking for. It blends eye-catching colors and bold designs to produce a menu that is both eye-catching and modern. 

Elegant Menu Sample Design

elegant restaurant menu

The beautiful sample design features a solid color on one side with the restaurant logo/related graphic picture and name in the center. The other side is dedicated entirely to the layout, which is fresh, clean, and modern.

Salad Menu Sample Design

salad menu

This menu sample design will liven up your fast-food restaurant’s menu. The menu design template incorporates cool and informal drawings of menu items as well as bold, easy-to-read typefaces. 

Black and White Restaurant Menu Design

pizza special menu
black and white menu

Using white chalk to contrast with black kraft paper can be an eye-catching approach to combining black-and-white appeal with simple beauty.

Minimalist Menu Sample Design

minimalist menu

This menu design example will appeal to those seeking a minimalist aesthetic. Rather than graphics, the menu relies on text alone. The file consists of well-organized layers that can be edited. 

With photos Menu Sample Design 

menu with images

This is a fantastic menu design example for casual restaurants. You can tempt potential clients by uploading beautiful images of your top meals and making it easy for them to browse the menu quickly by grouping dishes together. 

Coffee Menu Design Example

coffee menu

Are you looking for unique menu layout ideas for your cafe or coffee shop? It is inspired by a blackboard and features lovely hand-drawn, coffee-themed images, colorful, cursive fonts for the category headings, and capitalized sans serif fonts for the body text.

Rectangle Restaurant Menu Sample Design

rectangle restaurant menu

This set of four PSD and four AI files includes a fantastic menu design example appropriate for a variety of higher-end establishments that require a larger menu template. This basic A4 style is simple to personalize with your color scheme, photos, and text.

Formal Restaurant Menu Sample Design

formal restaurant menu

This is a fantastic menu design for upscale restaurants. This InDesign template gives your menu a contemporary art vibe with its amazing abstract backdrop design. The InDesign menu template includes two menu types in four sizes: A4, A5, US letter size, and half US letter size.

Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Design Example

chalkboard restaurant menu

Do you like the chalkboard look? Then why not utilize it to freshen up your restaurant’s menu? Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure it out. Simply use these menu design examples to handle all of the work for you. They then add your menu text and photographs, and you’re done! 

Rustic Restaurant Menu Sample Design

rustic restaurant menu

The rustic menu design example is achieved by mixing a woody printed paper menu page with a more contemporary leather covering to reflect a rustic vibe.

The Black Sheep Restaurant Menu Design

Italian menu

Consider The Black Sheep, which has a wonderfully hand-drawn menu sample design as well as matching gift cards and restaurant business cards that are extremely unique. 

Christmas Menu Design Examples

Christmas menu

The majority of restaurants use this Christmas menu design example to create mouthwatering Christmas-themed foods and drinks.

Kids Menu Design Samples

kids menu

Fun illustrations, handwritten fonts, and simple language characterize these menu design examples. These will provide your children with a one-of-a-kind scrolling experience, and we’re confident they’ll want to return for more.

Bottom Line

It’s critical to be as creative as possible when designing a restaurant menu. Also, Menus don’t have to be dull if you’re willing to attempt something fresh, bold, and different. Add color, cool typography, and, most importantly, some pictures; the only way customers will try something they’ve never had before is if they can imagine it. 

If you’re a skilled designer or artist, this task will be a piece of cake for you. However, if you’re a new designer or have no artistic ability at all, you’ll probably need some inspiration as well as some direction. 

Observe some of the menu design examples utilized by the restaurants on this list to learn what sets them distinct from the competition. 

Pursue a look at these menu sample designs for 2022 to see if any of them might work for you, and then pick which designs you want to take when it comes to creating your menu. Furthermore, content marketing ideas for restaurants can be of help when it comes to implementing menu designs correctly.

Whether you make menu samples designed from the use of a template or hire a professional, know that as long as the result is distinctive and enjoyable, it will certainly help your restaurant business expand.