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Have you ever spent a lot of time trying to make a design look just right? Changing fonts, colors, and over can make a simple task really frustrating. Speaking of design tools, have you ever used the format painter feature? It’s quite handy for quickly applying the same formatting to different elements within a design.

But fear not! In this digital age, there’s a smarter way to make your designs look consistent and stylish. The format painter in PhotoADKing is a super helpful tool. It makes copying and matching designs really easy. 

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With the format painter, you don’t have to worry about things looking different anymore. You can work much faster and let your creative ideas stand out.

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What is the Format Painter?
How to Use Format Painter with PhotoADKing?
What Does the Format Painter Do?

Before we delve into how to use the format painter, let’s understand what the format painter actually is.

What is the Format Painter?

A format painter tool helps you easily copy how something looks (like its font, colors, and style) from one part of your document to another. This is super handy when you want everything to look the same in different places, without having to change each thing one by one.

The format painter saves time by quickly applying consistent fonts, colors, and formatting across your document or presentation. It ensures a professional and cohesive look without manual adjustments.

Now that you know what the format painter is, let’s learn how to use it well to make your work look better.

How to Use Format Painter with PhotoADKing?

Step 1: Click the Editor

  • Open PhotoADKing and go to the editor section where you can find the templates.

Step 2: Select an Object

  • In the editor, choose the object from which you want to copy the formatting.
  • Click on the object to select it. This could be a text box, shape, image, or any other element in your design.

Step 3: Click on the Format Painter

  • Find the “Format Painter” button at the top of the screen, usually represented by an icon that looks like a paintbrush.

Step 4: Apply Formatting

  • Click on another object on which you want to apply format painter. The second object will now look the same as the first object in terms of how it’s written – like the font, colors, lines, shadows, and other styles.

Format Painter is a powerful tool in PhotoADKing that allows you to quickly apply the formatting of one object to another, saving you time and effort. 

By simply following the steps, you can easily use a format painter. Now, let’s talk about what the format painter does. 

What Does the Format Painter Do?

A format painter is a magic tool that easily copies how something looks and puts it on something else. It’s like a special brush that quickly makes things look the same.

With one click, you can take things like fonts, colors, and alignment from one thing and put them on another. This makes everything look nice and coordinated without lots of manual work. It’s like giving your creations a fancy makeover with just one click.

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In conclusion, the format painter tool is super useful for keeping your designs looking good and professional by making sure they all have the same style. You can use format painter in just 3 easy steps. First, choose the object in which format you want to copy. Second, Select the format painter option from the right bar in the editor. And lastly, Choose the object on which you want to apply the format.

Using the format painter tool along with the flyer maker in PhotoADKing helps creators work more efficiently and create attractive designs easily.


What is the format painter tool in PhotoADKing?

The format painter tool in PhotoADKing allows you to quickly copy formatting from one element (text, image, shape) and apply it to another, maintaining consistent design styles.

How I can use the format painter tool?

To access the format painter tool in PhotoADKing, follow these steps:

  • Open your design project.
  • Select the element with the desired formatting.
  • Look for the “Format Painter” icon in the toolbar and click on it.

Can I copy multiple formatting styles at once using a format painter?

No, you can only copy one formatting style at a time using a format painter. However, you can use format painter multiple times in succession.

How do I remove the copied formatting using a format painter?

To remove the copied formatting using format painter:

  • Click on the Format Painter icon again.
  • The cursor will revert to the regular pointer.
  • Click on the element that you applied the formatting to.

Can I customize the formatting before applying it using format painter?

No, the format painter tool in PhotoADKing copies the exact formatting from the element without allowing customization before application.

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