Tumblr Header Size & Examples

Your Tumblr banner is the hero image of your blog. Following the ideal Tumblr banner size guidelines will score more followers for sure.

With 496+ million blogs, 16.74m monthly Tumblr app users in the United States & 327+ million unique worldwide visitors, Tumblr is something to look forward to. (Source: Statista)

This New york-based is a popular micro-blogging platform besides being a social network. It is as celebrated as WordPress & Blogger handles. You need a high-impact Tumblr banner for a lasting visual impression among readers. In other words, your Tumblr banner is visible above the fold & it has the opportunity to win or lose a reader. So, let’s not miss out on the essentials & ensure it is the most happening one.

In this post, we’ll check out the ideal Tumblr header dimensions, the benefits of following the size guidelines & view some creative Tumblr banners too. We’ll start with some basics on the Tumblr header first.

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What Is A Tumblr Header Or Banner?

A Tumblr banner is also known as a Tumblr header. It is the blog cover image visible at the top of the content. Your Tumblr header is the first thing visible to readers as they arrive at your blog.

This is how it looks like:

Tumblr banner look like

It’s better to customize your Tumblr header based on the blog theme as each of your blog posts will have a banner. The best thing about the Tumblr banner is that it is fully customizable as per the theme settings. You can personalize it according to your blog content.

Whatever you design, make sure that your Tumblr header size is to the point & connects readers to your blog.

Tumblr Banner Size

The Ideal Tumblr Banner Sizes:

Desktop3000*1055 pixels
Mobile640*360 pixels

Tumblr Banner Aspect Ratio:


For your information, you don’t need to create different images for desktop and mobile. Just follow standard size for desktop & the image will auto-adjust for mobiles.

Besides this, your header should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. The maximum upload size is 10 MB.

Benefits Of Following The Ideal Tumblr Banner Dimensions

You never know how powerful your Tumblr banner is until you start customizing these images. Even if you’ve been blogging on Tumblr for quite a long, let us share some perks on why following ideal Tumblr banner dimensions is helpful.

1. Adds A Personal Touch To Your Blog

You’re aware of what image size you’ll need for your Tumblr header. It helps in customizing your Tumblr banner image from scratch. You don’t rely on any stock images or post existing images of someone else because it can ruin your impression.

2. Ensures Precise Header View On Desktop & Mobile

All you have to do is follow the Tumblr header size guide & you’re sorted from cross-device image cropping issues. After all, you’re not sure whether your blog will be viewed from desktop or mobile. No matter the device, your Tumblr header will always be on-point beautiful.

3. Maintains A Professional Image

Ace your Tumblr header game with custom banners or premade Tumblr banner templates. It maintains a distinct professional profile on the platform. Your regular readers will wait for a refreshing view in the form of a blog header image.

4. Provides Amazing User Experience

Your Tumblr header is a view to cherish with perfect image resolutions. Stating simply, your banner image will neither be shorter nor distorted than the recommended banner dimensions.

5. Reduces Bounce Rate

Who will not love to visit your blog when everything starting from your frontline player (banner) is up-to-date?! In a nutshell, a great user experience means a low bounce rate. It’s this simple!

Inspirational Tumblr Banner Ideas

1. The Classic Blog Banner

The Classic Blog Banner

Your Tumblr banner should be two things – classy & detailed. This banner instance is just right for any blog where you’re sharing tips, stepwise guides, or similar detailing. You can easily cover both image and text without diverting the user’s attention.

2. Minimal Imagery

 Minimal Imagery

Who does not like minimalism? Probably none! This Tumblr blog banner is all about muting the image & highlighting the text. It’s perfect when you have a short blog title that does not disturb the view. You can keep the backdrop image highlighted too.

3. Thoughtful Collage

Thoughtful Collage

Colorful collage is the best choice for days when you choose to go zero-words. Bring all the relatable images together and share them as a graceful combination like this Tumblr header. It falls to be a great idea for fashion & travel bloggers. You can still try your luck anyways if it fits your concept.

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Apart from the banner or header, you also need to know more dimensions of Tumblr.

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