Latest Blog Image Design Ideas And Tips

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Blog Image is like “a picture speaks a thousand words” kind of thing.

Though we say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, many of us undeniably read the blog whose cover seems interesting, isn’t it? 

Eye-treat kind of blog graphics become one of the reasons to attract readers which in turn drives conversions or imposes call-to-action if you are successful enough to deliver what they have expected.

What would you do as a novice blogger? You must be looking out for some inspiration. You might have your competitor’s blog images in mind which you are desperate to replicate, eh? 

Put a pause! We are about to take you on a joy-ride to some better than ever blog feature images that will steal your heart.

Do you know? Blog Images should always be relevant to the blog theme else a wrong message can be passed and you may lose a reader forever.

Show-Stealing Blog Graphics for every Blogger

Get started with any of these trending blog graphics that will make your day bright.

1. Drop a Hint

When your blog theme is based on technology, content writing, office work, etc., you have several options to try. You may choose to use graphics or add realistic images that drop a hint on what could be inside the blog. 

technology blog

This blog cover template is for you when you want the background to look clean and professional. You want to highlight the text and image equally to make a dual impact. Pick it up then!

2. When it’s all in the details…

Not all the time you utilize the blog image templates only for the sake of featured image. It is also shared on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and more of such platforms where you can drive traffic from.

home decor blog

At such times, you may want to share an excerpt about the blog and also your web address. That’s indeed a great idea. If your blog cover goes viral, users should know where to land.

Did you notice the dedicated space for Headline, Description, Call-to-action, and a website? How organized everything is!

3. Draw attention at the Centre

We usually find numerous options with blog Photo Editor. The blog title can be aligned in more ways than you can think. Here is an instance where the center-aligned title looks so eye-catchy. Though you can freely play with the color combinations, there is no way you can ignore this millennial theme.

student council tips blog image

It works best when your blog is focused on studies, high-schools, collegians, coaching-classes, examinations, and the list goes on.

4. Think Professional, Design Professional!

When targeting the fashion, beauty & jewelry industry, you have to rise above common blog templates. You need to be something extraordinary to be in the eyes of the relevant target audience. 

With such a poster-style blog template, it’s a win-win for you. 

beauty blog

You can easily find free blog graphics to add to such templates and use minimal text, that’s all. It’s a wonderful theme to try at least once if you are a fashion & beauty blogger. Don’t forget to use HD images for a professional outcome. 

The finishing touch is of color-combination of the right-side band that you should not miss.

Pro Tip: Try to keep your Blog Cover Template Monochromic. Too many colors will distort emotions and attention will be diverted.

5. Cartoonizer Effect

Thought-provoking blogs need playful kinds of cover images that are also self-explanatory. As you can see with the above instance, you know it points to some solution. See the highlight effect given below each graphic and marker-pen Headline sets perfect here.

cartoon blog

You may simply replace the default text and publish your blog without making any changes to font-styles too. How can we leave the background texture unnoticed? It fits so enticingly. 

6. Leave the Rest, Focus the Text

Bloggers have different ideas in their minds when it comes to choosing blog images. Well, they also have an online blog graphics maker to fulfill all their demands.

travel blog

Here is an instance when the background is dim and the entire footage is given to text, provided that it is minimal. Did you notice that the background isn’t completely ignored but you can determine what has been used behind it? 

This template is the right fit for Travel bloggers and Attorneys.

7. Keep it Simple

When you are at the last-minute rush to create a blog cover image and you don’t want to waste time finding one, use this.

simple blog image

Just replace the favicon & focus-text and you are done. No need to find any images or make extra efforts to align text. We call this blog template the most legit one that can be applied by any niche, provided that the blog theme permits.

Simplicity is the key that drives you crazy and this is the proof.

8. Use the Color-pop Temptations

The idea to create a blog post image that makes their mouth water is nothing but this. The default template has a pastel combination. The overall idea is to keep the blog title separate from the image with a block and leave the rest to the image.

Colorful blog image

Not to your surprise, many bloggers simply use the template as it is and make no additional efforts to edit. If you are not one of them, feel free to align the image or block according to your preference.

Use this blog image template if you want sharp borders and equal weightage to the image and text. It will suit any type of blog idea, just be careful with the border and block color which should tune with the image.

9. Not just another Blog Cover

Education blog

If you are looking for something that stands out, take note of these blog graphics. The element within which the text lies is the winner here. Also, notice that the background is the least visible and so if you cannot find great images, go for it. Shift the entire focus to the text. You may either use the headline alone or if the text is minimal, add a bit of description too.

10. Share the Food Chronicles

Food Bloggers, are you there? Have a look at this food-vibes blog cover. It is the best one to use when a picture or graphics is your major focus. Text usage depends on you. You may either choose to use both – title and description or chop-off description and use title alone.

Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t turn out to be very colorful, destroying the readability and charm of the entire blog cover image.

Do you know? Blog image that is indexed by search engines and shows-up in Google Images too, provided that you add an alt tag to it.

Health blog

Where do bloggers get their cover image ideas from?

Blog cover image also referred to as ‘featured image’, is more powerful than you think. Bloggers thus give special attention to their cover images according to the blog theme. The overall idea of the blog is extracted into the blog image. It is similar to designing the cover for a book.

You don’t need to look around for inspiration but peep through your blog for ideas. 

  1. Determine the theme
  2. Search for copyright-free images on the web ( is a great source)
  3. Head over to a free Blog Cover Maker
  4. Create, Edit & Download Blog Cover Image
  5. Add your Blog Title without fail

So, there will come a time when you will not bother what others are doing and will make your own way. Most bloggers get their cover image ideas according to the ones they follow or they try to implement what’s trending.

The Takeaway

Last, but not least, every blog cover-making enthusiast should know that any template available with photo editing apps for bloggers is customizable. The template can be personalized as per your needs. Just bear in mind that you club all the elements well and evoke user’s interest to click on the image and land at your blog.

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