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Pregnancy Announcement is the big tell most awaited by couples to share with the world. Some of the wish to keep it private until the end of the first trimester while some are too excited to share the good news from the very first day, they come to know about this.

When your pregnancy tests come out positive, you are in a different world. The moms-to-be and dads-to-be are eager to share this joy with friends, families, colleagues, and loved ones. Above all, telling this to parents is the best thing ever as no one will be more excited than them to have your baby. You must be looking for unique ways & pregnancy reveals ideas that are the most memorable ones. Let’s cheer this with the coolest pregnancy announcement ideas ever.

5 Hit & Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. Count on your Husband’s First

Your husband should be the first person to know this. You can send him funny messages about baby & dad or tell him to bring food for three now (if you are not having kids yet). Send him a cute message writing about the ways he made you feel special and the biggest happiness that will just arrive. Tell his colleagues to congratulate him. You can also send him your report which he will look closely at. Whatever you try, just make sure he rushes out of the office and comes running to you, all just for a hug you both have been waiting for.

Pregnancy announcement flyer design ideas
Pregnancy announcement flyer design illustration

2. Plan a Get-Together

“Everything went so suddenly that we forgot to inform you” – bring an end to such an excuse by bringing together your friends and families. This is the simplest & loveliest way to share expected announcements. As they enter your place, let the décor speak up for you. You can also hire a small-budget event planner to do this for you. Though this requires a bit of planning the big news is worth it after all!

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baby shower invitation card ideas

3. Just click it

Capturing special moments is the most preferred way, be it a wedding announcement or a pregnancy announcement. Photographs seize the memories like anything and dropping hints with thoughtful clicks helps you share this news in style. You can either hire a professional photographer or opt for a DIY photoshoot at your place itself. The photos can then be shared with loved ones.

Pregnancy announcement flyer design samples

4. Get a little Playful

Call your parents home and make sure when they arrive, you see the happiness in their eyes. Buy some toys and kids’ stuff beforehand and put the toys at the entrance. When they’ll arrive, they must be confused as to whose mess it is & you did it…

Pregnancy announcement poster design ideas
Pregnancy announcement flyer design examples

5. 9 Months to Go Hint

Not asking things straight away and brewing thoughts in other’s minds is one of the best ways to arise a ‘?’. You can call your parents daily and ask them about parenting tips, discuss regarding kids these days, ask them to help you with some pregnancy care tips & so on. Do this for at least a week and you don’t have to tell more, they’ll get it.

Pregnancy announcement flyer ideas
Pregnancy announcement flyer design tips

6. Let your Kid do it for you

If you already have kids, tell them that they are soon going to get a younger brother/sister. Do this when your parents are around and they will surely crack this up.

Besides the above-mentioned ideas, you can also think of pregnancy announcement cards that are available as stationery, or can make a digital one by yourself. It will not take much time & you can customize it as you want. Why don’t you spare a few minutes & check out fascinating pregnancy announcement templates at PhotoADKing which is about to give you timeless moments?

Pregnancy announcement flyer design ideas
Pregnancy announcement flyer design illustrative

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