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Oreo’s branding strategy is the perfect example of how to get it right in today’s digital world. By combining traditional advertising with digital elements, Oreo has been able to keep its brand current and relevant. 

For example, during the Super Bowl blackout in 2013, Oreo quickly created and posted an appropriate and humorous tweet that went viral. This ability to adapt to current events and trends has kept Oreo branding ahead of the curve and has made them a social media powerhouse. 

In addition, Oreo’s branding strategy uses creative visuals and catchy slogans that have helped them stand out from the crowd. With millions of users on social media, it can be challenging to get noticed. 

However, Oreo has mastered the art of getting people to take notice. Whether promoting a new product or running a contest, Oreo branding always finds a way to capture attention and drive engagement. The innovative and effective Oreo branding strategy made it a true leader in the social media space.

Oreo Branding Strategy (4Ps)

1. Oreo Product Strategy

Oreo Collage

The Oreo product strategy has definitely helped in Oreo branding. The cookies have always been a classic favorite, and the company has done a great job in keeping them relevant. The most recent example is the introduction of the “Mini Oreos,” which have been an enormous success. This shows that no matter what, people will always love Oreo!

2. Oreo Pricing Strategy:

oreo pricing strategy

Oreo is well-known for its delicious taste and competitive prices, and this pricing strategy has assisted in Oreo branding and made it one of the most popular cookies on the market. Often, Oreo is on sale or available at a discount, which helps attract new customers and keep existing ones loyal to the brand. Thanks to its affordable prices, Oreo is a great option for those looking for a tasty treat that won’t break the bank.

3. Oreo Place & Distribution Strategy

oreo place & distribution

The Oreo place and distribution strategy is vital for the Oreo branding. This strategy led Oreo to become one of the world’s most well-known and loved cookies. The cookie’s iconic status is mainly due to its availability in over 100 countries. This global distribution has allowed Oreo to reach a wide range of consumers, which has helped build the brand’s strong reputation.

4. Oreo Promotion Strategy On Social Media

oreo instagram page


Oreo has a strong presence on social media and uses this platform to promote new products, flavors, and promotions. Engaging with customers on social media and promptly responding to comments and questions is a part of Oreo branding.

oreo branding

This interactive approach helps build relationships with consumers and create a positive brand image.

5 Oreo Branding Campaigns Proved Its Dominance On Social Media

1. Wonderfilled Campaign

“Wonderfilled” was an Oreo branding campaign launched in 2013, which featured a song and various ads that highlighted the moments of joy that Oreo can bring. The campaign was very successful, with Oreo becoming the top-selling cookie in the US that year.

2. Twist, Lick, Dunk Campaign

twist lick dunk campaign

In 2015, Oreo ran its now-famous “Twist, Lick, Dunk” campaign, which showed people how to eat Oreos in a new way. The ad was widely shared and helped boost its sales significantly, and it was a massive success for Oreo’s branding strategies.

3. #MyOreoCreation

my oreo creation campaign

In 2016, Oreo ran a campaign called “#MyOreoCreation,” which asked people to submit their ideas for new Oreo flavors. The company received over 500,000 submissions and created three new flavors due to the campaign. A well-designed Oreo branding strategy that any business can learn from.

4. Daily Twist Campaign

In 2017, the Oreo branding team launched the “Daily Twist” campaign, in which the company released a new ad every day for 100 days. The ads featured a variety of creative takes on the classic Oreo cookie, including an astronaut Oreo, a hip-hop Oreo, and even an Oreo wedding cake.

5. Wonder Vault Campaign

oreo vault campaign
oreo wonder vault

Most recently, in 2018, Oreo launched its “Wonder Vault” campaign, in which the company hid 10,000 golden tickets inside Oreo packages. The contest winners got to visit the Oreo Wonder Vault in New York City, where they could see how Oreos are made and taste the new flavors of the cookies.

These five campaigns show how Oreo branding has consistently found ways to be unique and engaging. The company’s willingness to experiment with new marketing ideas has undoubtedly contributed to its status as America’s favorite cookie.

Analysis Of Oreo Branding On Instagram

oreo branding on instagram

A quick scroll through its feed reveals that Oreo branding uses various marketing techniques to engage its audience. For example, Oreo frequently hosts competitions and giveaways, using hashtags like #MyOreoCreation and #OreoCookieClub. These campaigns encourage users to share photos and videos of enjoying Oreo cookies, increasing brand awareness and reach.

In addition to user-generated content, Oreo also posts professional photos and videos of its products. These posts often feature creative uses for Oreo cookies, such as in milkshakes or as part of a cake decorating project. By highlighting the versatility of its product, Oreo can appeal to a broader range of consumers. This is why a content marketing strategy is also vital for your branding factor.

User-generated content and professional photos and videos give Oreo’s Instagram account a well-rounded feel. The Oreo branding helps keep followers engaged while also providing valuable insights into how the brand is perceived by its target audience. 

Dunk In The Dark Tweet From Oreo

dunk in the dark tweet

[Source: Twitter]

On February 3, 2013, the power went out at the Super Bowl. The game was stalled for thirty long minutes, and viewers were left in darkness. But the Oreo branding team didn’t let the blackout stop them from scoring a touchdown with their social media marketing campaign.

They created and posted a simple but brilliant tweet with quick thinking and even quicker fingers, “You can still dunk in the dark.” The post was accompanied by a photo of an Oreo cookie with a bite taken out of it, lit up by a cell phone screen.

The Oreo Dunk in The Dark tweet is now considered one of the most iconic social media posts. The Oreo branding team showed a perfect example of making the most out of a less-than-ideal situation. And it just goes to show that even when the lights go out, Oreo is always ready to deliver a winning performance.

“Dunk In The Dark” Tweet Changed The Oreo Branding Game Forever

There is no doubt that Oreo’s “Dunk in The Dark” tweet was an effective way to connect with its audience. The tweet amassed over 10,000 retweets and nearly 5,000 likes in just a few hours. This shows that Oreo created a memorable brand experience that resonated with its audience.

What made this tweet so compelling was its timing. Oreo branding team released the tweet during the Super Bowl blackout, which captured the attention of millions of people who were tuned into the game. By tapping into this moment, Oreo connected with its audience that went beyond just selling cookies.

Lessons From Oreo Branding Strategy For Social Media

Oreo branding has become known for its clever and creative social media marketing in recent years. The brand has produced some of the most memorable and shareable online ads. Here are four key lessons that businesses can learn from the Oreo branding strategy:

1. Keep It Simple

Oreo’s social media campaigns are often based on simple yet clever ideas. The Oreo branding campaign “Daily Twist” was a great success! It featured new cookie flavors for each day of the year, which helped them get people’s attention. The flavors were announced through daily updates on Oreo’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The Oreo branding campaign generated excitement and social media buzz without being too complicated or expensive to produce.

2. Mind-Blowing Creative Posts

oreo creative posts

Oreo’s Instagram account is full of colorful, eye-catching images that feature the brand’s iconic cookies in creative ways. The account also features videos, GIFs, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into Oreo’s manufacturing process. Oreo branding team designs content that is often interactive, encouraging users to participate in challenges or games. You can now create your own creative posts by using Instagram post maker, a tool that helps your social media marketing strategy even more powerful.

3. Be Responsive

Another critical element of the Oreo branding strategy is its responsive approach. The brand monitors social media closely and is quick to respond to any relevant conversations or trends. When the Cookiegate crisis broke out, the Oreo branding team quickly offered a solution: a coupon for a free package of Oreo cookies. This showed that they were responsive to the needs of their consumers and were willing to go the extra mile to keep them happy.

4. Have Fun

oreo fun posts

Finally, one of the essential lessons businesses can learn from the Oreo branding strategy is to have fun. The brand’s social media campaigns are often lighthearted and humorous. This approach helps Oreo connect with its audience personally and creates an overall sense of positivity around the brand.

So there you have it: four key lessons businesses can learn from the Oreo branding strategy. Companies can create their own successful social media campaigns by keeping them simple, creative, responsive, and fun.


Oreo has been around for over 100 years, and its popularity is only increasing. Their success can be attributed to many factors, but the Oreo branding strategy plays a significant role. 

The Oreo branding team has tapped into the power of social media platforms to create engaging content that encourages people to share and talk about their brand. If you’re looking for ways to boost your brand’s visibility online, consider using some Oreo branding tactics in your social media marketing strategy. You can take the help of PhotoADKing, which offers Instagram templates that enhance your social media marketing strategy and make your branding game to the next level.

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