Kids Menu Design Ideas & Examples

Kids Menu Design Ideas & Examples

When we think about kids, we obviously think about what kids like to eat. It goes without saying that they are more into sweet dishes, or fast food items like pizza, pasta, and burgers (and so on). Did you ever think about what makes going out for dinner or lunch so unique and what exactly it is that always attracts the attention of kids and mostly everyone else?

Here we are talking about attractive and creative menus for kids that are designed in this way, which makes a great way to attract kids to restaurants. What better way to start out creating them online if you’re looking for the same? As a matter of fact, these practical kids menu design ideas will definitely help you to create kids menus in a few minutes.

Most of the restaurants add and update dishes in the menu as per the availability. As per the report, 92% of restaurants say that they are likely to make menu changes in the year 2021. As a restaurant owner, you can understand that it could be time-consuming as well as costly. But you can get rid of it by using menu templates that can be reusable and easily editable. We suggest you use PhotoADKing to do your job. PhotoADKing has 1000+ fully editable and professional menu templates that can save you lots of time and allow you to focus on your real business.

Table of Content

  1. Who can use kids menu?
  2. Why you should create kids menu?
  3. What to include in a kids menu?
  4. How to make a kids menu?
  5. Kids menu design ideas

1. Who Can Use Kids Menu?

Restaurants and Cafes

Since many parents take their children to dine at restaurants and cafes, these establishments should always have amazing children’s menus available.


Schools, particularly daycare centers, plan meals for kids and include them on the children’s menus. This way, schools will find it simpler to maintain their students’ good health.


It is quite challenging to get kids to eat healthy food because the current generation prefers fast food over a balanced diet. It is therefore feasible that you will develop daily healthy eating habits in your children if you create a kids’ menu and include tasty yet nutritious delights to it. Having a kids’ menu at home can also make it simpler for you to prepare meals each day without having to make a conscious decision.

2. Why You Should Create Kid’s Menu?

Kids’ menus are generally designed in a way that appeals to kids quickly. Aside from this, colorful and animated kids’ menus are popular among many eateries because many adults like them too. Find out why making it for your restaurant business is a good idea:

It’s Eye-catching

The numerous pastel colors used in the design of kids’ menus instantly catch the attention of both children and adults. Anyone’s attention can be simply captured by the adorable alphabetic themes and tiny cute cartoons on the kids’ menu.

They Offer Smaller Portions

Kids require smaller portions, and busy parents today don’t want their children eating larger servings of food because that could be unhealthy for them. This is the logic behind the fact that so many kid-friendly menus have limited portions. This way, you stand a good chance of increasing your recurring business.

They Make Your Restaurant More Attractive

According to one study, people are easily attracted to colorful things. It is therefore not surprising that when customers visit restaurants, they prefer to glance through the menus first. And menus are your first impression in that way. So, always make it attractive so that customers can’t easily avoid it.

You Can Add Healthy Options for Your Kids

When you include nutritious meals on your kids’ menu, people are more likely to visit your restaurant. The main reason for this is that psychologically, parents want their children to eat healthily even when they go outdoors to eat. It does wonders for your restaurant’s revenue when the attractive kids’ menu includes such healthy options.

Easy to Order

When restaurants offer separate kids’ menus, ordering for children according to their preferences is simple and quick for parents. Instead, it becomes quite challenging when parents must zigzag through a long menu to choose what to order for the kids.

3. What to Include in a Kids Menu?

Colorful Theme

Kids love colors, so it’s important to add colorful themes to your kids’ menu. You can also include their favorite cartoon characters and humorous or goofy meal names and descriptions.

Name of Your Establishment

Are you running a cafe or restaurant, a daycare center, or a school? No matter what business you have, if you provide meals to the kids, you must have your establishment’s name on the kids’ menu, as it not only mentions your establishment but also showcases your business’ reputation.

Age Group

Ensure that your kids’ menu mentions the age group of children so that parents can be aware of it.


If you offer special kids’ menu, it’s always a good choice to mention it in a highlighted manner. Kids can be inspired to eat more healthy foods if you provide them with informative descriptions of healthy meals. Also, ensure that you include their favorite fast food items and desserts, as kids love them.

Kids logo

If you have kids logo then you can put it on the kids menu, or you can make kids logo.

4. How to Make a Kids Menu?

Here are a few steps you can follow to create an incredible kids menu using PhotoADKing. The editor allows you to create your designs smoothly and quickly according to your choices.


  1. Sign up or Log in to PhotoADKing.
  2. Search for “kids menu” or select a template page”.
  3. Choose a kids menu template as per your choice.
  4. Edit kids menu template as per your needs.
  5. After finishing, save or download your template.
  6. Share it on your social media platforms.

Here is the guide that will guide you on how to create a restaurant menu online no matter you wish to design a menu for kids, a specific festival, or any specific occasion.

5. Kids Menu Design Ideas

Check out these creative kids menu design ideas that not only give you examples of different designs but also let you create them online easily without any graphic design experience.

Kids School Menu

school menu

Kids Daycare Menu

daycare menu template

Kids Front Menu

kids menu

Kids Main Menu

kids main menu

Special Kids Menu

kids special menu

Kids Cafe Dinner Menu

cafe dinner menu

Kids Fast Food Menu

kids fast food menu

Minimal Kids Menu

minimal kids menu

Also, if you’re looking for more catchy Kids Menu Design Ideas then you can take inspiration from these creative kids-related babysitting flyer ideas. Check out these fantastic designs that could also spark your creativity in crafting an eye-catching and appealing flyer. Incorporate elements from kid-friendly menus to make your flyer more engaging and fun for parents and children alike.


In this article, we have covered most kids menu design ideas, but it is not limited to them. You can find more kids menu design ideas at PhotoADKing. Alternatively, you can design your own kids menu from scratch or design it from kids menu template. You just need a PhotoADKing account and you can select your desired canvas size. Your kids menu design is ready to download, share, and save once you put all your creativity into it. Moreover, you can easily lure your customers’ attention by creating restaurant menu designs online.

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