How to Make an Award Certificate

Award certificates serve as an excellent means to acknowledge and recognize an individual’s diligent work and dedication. It is extremely significant to note that award certificates are distinct from academic degrees and certificates, which signify the completion of a formal educational program. In the appropriate context, award certificates can also provide a boost of morale and motivation. With the help of customizable award certificate templates and the proper tools, it is possible to easily create an award certificate. You may know how to make a certificate for any occasion, not only awards.

Table of Contents

  1. How to make an award certificate step by step?
  2. Who can use the award certificate?
  3. Why is an award certificate important?
  4. What to write on a certificate of the award?

1. How to make an award certificate step by step?

Consequently, PhotoADKing is here to help you. As long as a personalized award certificate can be made in a short amount of time. With certificate templates, you can easily create stunning certificates to honor outstanding achievements.

What you must do is as follows:

  1. Signup/Login with PhotoADKing
  2. Search Award Certificate 
Search Award Certificate

3. Explore award certificate templates and choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

Choose your award certificate
  1. Use the PhotoADKing editor to personalize your own text, images, colors, and a size award certificate.
Customize the award certificate

6. After editing save your certificate or download your certificate in PNG, JPG, or PDF form.

Download and share award certificate

2. Who can use the award certificate?


Best employee award certificate Instagram screenshot
Source: Instagram

Boost morale and recognize employee achievements by giving them a certificate. This will encourage continued excellence and enhance their professional credentials.


Thank the person for what they did to help a group or cause. Give them something that shows you appreciate their work. Encourage them to keep being involved and supporting the group or organization so others know how dedicated they are.


Acknowledged students achievements award certificate Instagram picture
Source: Instagram

Acknowledge student achievements to boost morale and provide tangible recognition, enhancing the reputation of the school also encouraging academic excellence and diligent work by displaying certificates as symbols of their achievements.

Professional Associations

Recognize students for doing a good job to make them feel better and show others how great they are. Give them certificates to prove it. This can help the school look good too. It might also encourage other students to do well in school and work hard.

3. Why is an award certificate important?

Motivation and Recognition

A certificate is important because it makes people feel good and recognized. When someone gets a certificate, they feel proud of themselves and want to keep doing well. It’s also a way for others to see that the person did something great!

Certificates are a good way to say “great job” and recognize people for what they did well. It makes them feel good and wants to keep doing well. Certificates help show others that the person did something important.

Professional Development

Certificates can inspire people to keep working hard and improving their skills. They help with professional growth by making people want to get better, confirming that they are good at what they do, and helping them advance in their careers. Certificates also make it easier to meet new people and make connections.

Personal Satisfaction

When workers feel like their hard work and achievements are appreciated, they become happier at work. This benefits everyone, including the customers. If the staff is more involved, it can lead to a better experience for everyone. Ultimately, this makes people feel good about what they’re doing.

4. What to write on a certificate of the award?

The title on a certificate should clearly and concisely indicate the reason for the award, such as:

  1. Name of award: This can include the full name of the award or a shortened version. For example, “Outstanding Employee of the Year Award” or simply “Employee of the Year.”
  2. Recipient’s name: The recipient’s full name should be written on the certificate, including any relevant titles or certifications.
  3. Date: Unless the date on which the award was presented or received should be included.
  4. Reason for award: A brief description of the reason for the award, such as “for exceptional performance” or “for outstanding contributions to the field,” can be included.
  5. Issuing organization: The name and logo of the organization responsible for presenting the award should be included, along with any relevant contact information.

Additionally, To make a certificate look real, it should have pictures, logos, and a real signature or stamp on it. It is also important to use appropriate images and an official seal to show that it is a legitimate document.

5. Summary

In conclusion, it is essential to acknowledge that there are no set guidelines for creating award certificates. PhotoADKing provides an easy solution, allowing you to create custom award certificate templates with the freedom to use your preferred wording, fonts, images, and more. By following the guidelines provided in their blog, you can create a well-structured template. This feature can prove to be valuable for schools, companies, or organizations, as it allows for a quick and simple process of editing the relevant information, such as the recipient’s name, dates, and achievements, before printing, sharing, downloading, and awarding the certificate.

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