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Spring and Summer breaks will perch up even before you know it. Amidst the chirping birds and radiant sunny days, we cannot wait to welcome the holiday season to relax and rewind. Holidays bring us closer with our kids and kiths that we find ourselves frequenting between meetups and gathering over and again. When it comes to presents and gifts, what can be cooler and greater than personalized greetings to your loved ones? Let’s get it straight, Greeting Card Design Templates can never go out of vogue.

Holiday seasons are all about buying presents, seeing new places, indulging in exotic foods, and growing compassionate to one another. 

This holiday season, why not surprise your dear and special ones with a customized and professional-looking greeting card!

Yes. You heard that right. Without any design knowledge, PhotoADKing will make you look like a pro.

Delve into these pre-made greeting card design templates to create a polished and remarkable greeting card design for your loved ones.

Handpicked ones exclusively for you:

1. Celebrate friendship like never before

Friendship Cards Templates Online

 Make your friends and family a vital part of your holiday. This holiday season, make them feel special, show them that you care, and tell them you’ll be on their side with these beautiful Friendship Cards Templates Online by PhotoADKing.

Pick some of the best-taken pictures of you with them. Drag n drop them into the layout. Add a cheesy line only to find them giggling as they read along. And tada! A professional-looking greeting card will be ready to revive your bonds.

PhotoADKing greeting card maker holds up a platform for you to try out your creativity using our effortless tools and unlimited resources. Let your friend be astounded by your amazing creative skills. Shhhh! We promise to keep it a secret!

2. Cheer up a dull friend!

Cheer up Greeting Card Templates
Cheer up Greeting Card Templates

After all, what is friendship all about? Friends are those underrated therapists who support and uplift each other. Make sure to hold up and cheer your friend in their time of need.

Utilize these holidays in cheering up someone special by PhotoADKing’s gleeful greeting card. This break, do the deed of not just perfecting your holiday season but someone else’s too.

Create cheery greeting cards with encouraging quotes that are sure to uplift their souls with optimism. Send them a ray of hope that there is more to life and this is not it.

Get amazing greeting card design ideas using our cheer-up greeting card templates that can be easily edited to add layers of text, images, gradients, colors, and whatnot. 

PhotoADKing’s DIY greeting card maker wants you to create the best-ever compassionate with
Invitation Maker – Greeting Cards Online for your dear one so that you have a joyful holiday ahead together.

3. Express your love to your parents!

Mothers Day Templates
Mother’s Day Templates

You love your parents, but that’s not enough! Express and communicate. This holiday season conveys your love to them in a special way!

You may have been busy growing up leaving them alone growing old! Show your respect and be with them when they need you!

Make personalized Love Cards Templates Online and say what has been unsaid all this while. Use our Mother’s Day Card Templates to explore spectacular and warm greeting card templates that can be customized as per your needs.

4. Welcome your friends to join your club this holiday season!

Personalized & Custom Holiday Cards Online
Personalized & Custom Holiday Cards Online

Secret clubs or family clubs! They make holidays exceptionally fun. Got lots planned in a queue but lack members?

Cheer up! Enroll and invite your friend to join your club for dashing Personalized & Custom Holiday Cards Online with PhotoADKing’s welcome greetings. 

You can customize these greeting cards to suit your needs by simply dragging and dropping images/fonts easily. Create personalized welcome greeting cards with PhotoADKing’s ecard maker that your friends cannot resist.

5. Say that you miss someone!

Miss You Cards Templates
Miss You Cards Templates

Holidays are the best time to say that you have been missing someone for so long but were too busy to express. Now stop beating around the bush and say it with a sweet gesture.

If you feel too shy to express yourself, then greeting cards can be your way out. Squeeze out all your feelings in this piece of art and spellbound them with your feelings using Miss You Card Templates.

Choose from our exquisite range of “miss you” handmade card designs and customize them to your heart’s extent. Give it your personal touch by adding your favorite images and quotes to remember for a lifetime.

6. Thank your teacher

Teacher Appreciation Cards Templates
Teacher Appreciation Cards Templates

Where would we have been without our teachers? It’s time that you show your gratitude. Nothing other than your words can express your respect and care for them.

Speak your mind. Cast your words in these stupefying greeting cards. Check out our professionally-designed Teacher Appreciation Cards Templates that can be customized to suit your needs. 

Make this holiday the perfect time to create personalized teacher appreciation greeting cards for your teacher that she/he will remember for their lifetime.

Explore our creative greeting cards for teachers’ day and amaze your teachers!

7. Congratulate on their graduation

Congratulations Greeting Cards Templates
Congratulations Greeting Cards Templates

Your friends/cousins may have reached this major milestone of their life- Graduation day! Yay! It’s a time to celebrate as they are about to enter a world full of opportunities!

Pass on your wisdom through these beautiful graduation day greeting cards by PhotoADKing. Use their resources and tools to create personalized Congratulations Greeting Cards Templates designs that depict your support in their next big step.

Edit and insert encouraging and motivating words to help them pursue their dreams. Also, if you have successfully achieved graduation then it’s time to celebrate the party, you celebrate the graduation party with your friends, faculties, or your relatives. You can create a graduation party flyer and invite your relatives to your party.

8. Send caring and quick recovery thoughts!

Get Well Soon Cards Templates
Get Well Soon Cards Templates

Sickness is inevitable yet depressing. If you have been busy during the times of sickness of your kiths and kin, utilize this holiday season to bring smiles to their faces with your Get Well Soon Cards Templates.

Let your optimistic words give them hope and boost their confidence. Pick from our wide range of exquisite collections of “get well soon” greeting cards and make sure to be with them when they need you the most.

They say it’s the best feeling when you become the reason for someone’s smile. Start crafting warm and caring quick recovery thoughts with PhotoADKing’s easy greeting card maker today!

9. Say sorry before it’s too late!

Sorry Cards Design
Sorry Cards Design

Apologies too late equal apologies not made. So, utilize this holiday season to be sorry for what you did. Be it for a small or big deed, never shy away from being sorry using Apology Cards Templates.

Send your sincere apologies with PhotoADKing’s sorry greeting cards. Give it a personalized touch with your message that you did not intend to hurt them.

Select from our heart-melting sorry greeting card templates that we are sure they won’t say no to. So do not wait anymore to ask their forgiveness with PhotoADKing’s touching “sorry” greeting cards.

10. Make their Birthdays even bigggggger! 

Birthday Cards Templates
Birthday Cards Templates

Birthdays are meant to be extra special. It need not be a big birthday bash. A simple yet meaningful greeting card that is written and made from your heart would make someone feel special on their birthday using Invitation Maker.

Also, Know more about how to design an invitation using an invitation maker?

Make use of these holidays to craft marvelous birthday greeting cards using PhotoADKing’s superlative templates for free.

Write your heart out with a personalized message. Surprise your loved ones with the lovable and amazing Birthday Card Templates by PhotoADKing.

Holiday seasons can be a reason to have unlimited fun and frolic. But let’s shift the course and gain happiness by making others happy.  Devise extraordinary and heart-touching greeting cards with PhotoADKing and see the difference it creates in other lives. Sign up with us for quick-to-go greeting cards for all occasions today!

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