Google Ads 101: Why you need to be aware of Popular Ad banner sizes to promote your business

To provoke any online/offline business whether it is a start-up or well established one, digital advertising to be a newer & endorsed trend adapted by one and all is on the rise which is escalating rapidly.

Spilling it otherwise requires a deep knowledge of ideology behind crafting an Ad most specific to your business and highlighting the product features & what will be the user benefit from it.

It is vital to be knowledgeable about all the tactics so that you can make sure you are paid off multiple times than what you are investing in your Ad getting published over Google and other social media platforms.

Display Ads specifications

Types of Ad banner & Sizes:

Cutting straight to the chase, Google prevails with the following available Ads banner sizes:

300 x 50 (Mobile Leader board)

  • Smallest ad size
  • Not much recommended
  • Doesn’t cost much

468 x 60 (Banner)

  • Small, usually located in the bottom
  • Not much recommended
  • Doesn’t cost much

728 x 90 (Leader board)

  • A standard & prevailing size
  • Much recommended
  • Costly a bit
  • Performance = Investment

250 x 250 (Square)

  • Can fit into small areas
  • Not much recommended
  • Sub-optimal performance

200 x 200 (Small square)

  • Limited supply
  • Can fit into small areas
  • Not much recommended

336 x 280 (Large Rectangle)

  • Much recommended
  • Good performance
  • Little costly

300 x 250 (Inline rectangle)

  • Better than 336 x 280
  • Most recommended
  • Performance > Investment

120 x 600 (Skyscraper)

  • Long-lasting over the web
  • Less recommended
  • Performance < Investment

160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper)

  • Better than 120 x 600 (skyscraper)
  • Not much recommended
  • Performance < Investment

What types of Ads banner does exist?

To be contingent on Ad banner sizes, here come the types of Ad banner in the frame. It accentuates the way an Ad would prefer to appear on any hosting site.   

It typically measures the Click Through Rate(CTR) based on the Ad performance as of which types of Google ads banner serves for.

1. Static banner

Revolving around simple & single frames with an image & catchy line/phrase this banner concludes upon.

It is not much profound to use this kind of banner as compared to Flash & animated as it just sticks around a static text & graphic format.

Regardlessly they don’t annoy users also they don’t fail to showcase the right amount of text & images.

2. Flash banner

Animation & other special effects conserving creative essence by the existence of contrasting colors, good quality of graphics, etc.

These drive higher CTR than other banner types. Since the behaviour of banner vitally contemplates around the actionable concept to magnet visitors, it works well.

3. Animated GIF banner

Sequential accumulation of frames combined forms a GIF. Animated GIF banners are motion-oriented with the filthy blending of interactive graphics and text surrounding the texture.

To disparity, GIF banner is cool yet with the engaging prospect. It stimulates the CTR to the highest extent. But the decent composition of typography and graphics will only be able to affix the probability of higher Click Through Rates.

These are annoying to users at times, in case of any outrageous vibe, it is hailing for.

Most interactive Ad Sizes that is Google prescribed:

Amidst all sizes, here are some proven dimensions that actually drive more leads. A strategic Google display Ad size matters to draw the attention of frequent visitors and web users.

1. 300 x 250:

This is verbally termed as Inline rectangle banner. A pictorial representation is showcased here, which for no reason hits the user mentality rightly in terms of portrayal of determined product features and benefits.

It usually belongs to the rightmost upper-half portion. To be precise somehow this location works well due to the human mentality of looking over right of the page and most of the users are right-handed who slip to the right direction first before turning left.

It can be composed of images and text i.e. both otherwise.

inline-rectangle image for google ads

2. 336 x 280:

This dimension is verbally termed as a large rectangle. A pictorial representation is here. Which is usually located in the rightmost bottom area.

Striking for it is easy. Particular to every human tendency we do reach down to every web page. This criterion works well as while reading the whole content there is much probability of you to click the Google ads banner just beneath where your cursor renders.

3. 320 x 100:

It is smaller yet clear dimension namely large mobile banner. Distinction to the previous dimension, this resembles a striking performance as it ascends the ideology of hitting right unto user’s ad-click strategy. Why? Because it includes a clear and concise display of graphics and text to be at ease.

4. 728 x 90:

Particularly it is verbally known as Leaderboard Ads banner. Which kind of covers the catchy text, for example, ‘50% off on products’, ‘Shop more/Learn more’, etc.

This is demographically located on the topmost right corner of the web page. True to the game of ‘First come, First serve’ it settles down straight to the point.

It comprises of less amount of graphics and little text entitled in Bold. Engagement possibility is less depending on the display of text and on what specimen the emphasis is paid for.

Ideology to consider before composing an Ad:

All of the efforts stayed in composing an Ad is excavating to the fact that tomorrow always follows today; which makes sense to the theory that appropriate choice of Google ad formats is prerequisite to creating a full-fledged advertisement.

Here are some of the ways to get Google ad specific to your niche get created for:

  1. Hire a designer, instruct him framing your requirements.
  2. Create Banners from scratch using a software/tool (with a yearly package for few.
  3. Customize as per your need from a wide range of templates with all-inclusive typography styles and graphics, images, etc.

Apprehensive to the array of templates PhotoADKing comes up with is much profitable and self-sustaining. You will not want to have a second thought of considering other options mentioned above.

Call to Action is quite essential with regards to the Ad campaign created, as with it visitors can be converted into leads.

Ad essentials are:

→ It has to be visually appealing

→ Bullet points, Relatable text assuring click-bait

→ To consider the visual aspect & impact

→ Able to drive more leads

All the theory to the usage of customise templates for google ads is now harmonized and detailed. To any of your assistance, share with us! We will shortly get back to you.

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