10 Ways To Implement These New And Amazing Letterhead Templates Formats

letterhead Template

Doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running, a letterhead is one of the most important documents. More than just a means of exchanging messages, it is also a physical representation of your business. 

What are letterheads?

A letterhead, or a letter-headed paper, is the heading at the top of a letter paper – which includes the name of company, logo, address, and contact number. Sometimes, you can also include extra graphics to make it look more interesting and attractive. A well-designed Letterhead Template Creator the letter look quite professional and formal. 

Letterhead Templates
Letterhead Templates

Why is a quality letterhead design important?

A letterhead can be the first means of contact with your potential customers, and thus it is important in representing your brand. It must be in harmony with your brand identity and should look efficient – otherwise, people will consider that your company is less competent than others. 

All the stationery used in the office must be updated with the letterhead design. This includes envelopes, invoices, note pads, memo pads, and all other papers that your company uses for correspondence purposes. When you send out different paperwork to your clients, all the documents should be in uniformity to create a favorable impression. Thus, make sure that the letterhead design is made in an efficient manner.

letterhead design
letterhead design

There are many software available, which provide free letterhead templates online. These online letterhead makers can give you a lot of letterhead formats that you can use to create a flawless design just by using the drag and drop editor. You can also save them in word or pdf formats for more ease.

Things to consider while designing letterheads

  • Size: Use the size which is web-friendly. A letterhead of 2480 X 3508 px can be chosen.
  • Resolution: For obtaining the best results, make sure to create a letterhead in high resolution with a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Template: Choose a template that goes well with your brand’s visions using Cover Letter Samples at PhotoADKing . You can pick up a color from your logo and incorporate it into the letterhead. A centered layout can also be preferred. 

Ways to use letterhead formats

Letterheads have become a part of communication for every business – be it small or a large corporation. They can be used in a variety of ways from brand communication to making announcements of events. Let’s have a glance at some of the ways in which letterhead designs can be used.

1. Legal documentation:

When businesses provide any kind of legal documentation, it must be done on the Company’s Letterhead. It can involve business registration, purchasing or selling of properties, transfer of shares, registration of the trademark, etc. They are used for future references by clients and organizations. If the business letterhead is duly stamped, it can also be used as evidence or proof in court-related matters.

Legal documentation letterhead templates
Legal documentation letterhead Templates

2. Job / Offer letters:

When an employee joins the organization an offer letter needs to be provided which includes all the details related to salary, joining date, job responsibilities, incentive plans, paid leaves, a probation period, rules and regulations of the company, notice period, and additional benefits, if any. This is all written using the Recommendation Letterhead Templates so that it can be used by the employee for future citations.

Job Offer Letterhead templates
Job Offer Letterhead templates

3. Experience letter for employees:

When an employee leaves the organization, and experience letter is given, which includes the work time period, designation, and the dedication shown towards the job. It helps in documentation purposes for another job and also, it will remain with the employee for his/her lifetime as a memory of the journey. The business letterhead should be used for this purpose, thus increasing the credibility of the letter.

Experience letter for employees templates
Experience letter for employees templates

4. Inter department communication:

Why is a letterhead required for interdepartmental communications? To maintain uniformity in the organization. For instance, if the back office department has to communicate with the purchasing department regarding the requirement of supplies, all the things required must be written using the letter-headed paper. 

It will show great consistency when all the interdepartmental documents are combined at the end of the month to make a report.

Inter department communication  Letterhead templates
Inter department communication Letterhead templates

5. Minutes of the meetings:

Minutes of meetings are the live written records of company meetings. They include the list of attendees, the purpose of the meeting, issues discussed and the final decisions are taken. 

These are then distributed to the people who attended the meeting and also put up on the bulletin board of the company. Thus, jotting them down on the letterhead is something that you cannot replace with plain papers.

Meetings Letterhead Templates
Meetings Letterhead templates

6. Writing cover letters/application letters:

Definitely, you can also use letterheads for writing cover letters and application letters using Application Letterhead Templates. It will leave a great impression on the company that you are applying to. You’ll be able to subtly include your name, contact number, email address, photograph, date, and the designation that you are applying for – all in the header. 

Application Letterhead Templates
Application Letterhead Templates

7. Resignation or Termination letters:

Just like the application letters and cover letters can be written using letterheads, the resignation letters should also be written in the same way. Also, as a company, if you are handing over a
 Editable Termination Letter Samples to someone, usage of a letterhead must be practiced. 

Resignation or Termination Letterhead Templates
Resignation or Termination Letterhead Templates

8. Authorization letters:

An authorization letter allows a third party to take action on your business’ behalf for a decided period of time. Therefore, it needs to be written with clarity and should include all the information related to the business. In a majority of cases, an authorization letter needs to be written using the
Authorization Letterhead only.

Authorization letterhead templates
Authorization letterhead Templates

9. Banking purposes:

There are many times when you will be required to visit banks and submit documents for different purposes. You will need to submit your business license with business name, partnership agreement, employment identification number, articles of incorporation, social security number, and much more . 

If the letterhead is used for some of this documentation, it can improve the credibility and result in quick processing.

real estate letterhead templates
Real Estate Letterhead Templates

10. Recommendation letters:

When an employee is seeing off your organization and seeking a job for better opportunities, it is a considerable deed to write a recommendation letter addressing his/her qualities using Recommendation Letter Templates. This will be of great help and might also assist in acquiring a good package.

Recommendation letterhead templates
Recommendation letterhead templates