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In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the power of printed marketing materials, such as flyers. However, flyers remain an effective way to promote your hotel to potential guests. A well-designed hotel flyer can showcase your property’s amenities and help you stand out from the competition. In this article, we’ll guide you through the hotel flyer sample that will help you create a hotel flyer to attract guests and drive bookings.

Table of Contents

  1. Highlight important details
  2. Make it minimal
  3. Incorporate collage
  4. Add a beautiful background image
  5. Include QR code
  6. Make it unique
  7. Try illustration
  8. Change the game with testimonials
  9. Elements of a successful hotel flyer

Highlight Important Details

hotel flyer with important details

Hotel flyers should highlight the most important details about the hotel, such as the name, location, room rates, amenities, and contact information. Guests will be able to quickly understand what the hotel offers and be encouraged to book a stay as a result.

hotel flyer sample with details

Make It Minimal

minimal hotel flyer template

The minimalist design of a hotel flyer can make it look more sophisticated and professional. Avoid cluttering the flyer with too much text or graphics, and create a clean and simple design. A flyer with this information will also make it easier for potential guests to read and understand.

modern hotel flyer

Incorporate Collage

collage themed hotel flyer template

The use of a collage of images can be a great way to showcase the rooms, pool, restaurant, and other amenities of the hotel. Also, use high-quality images and arrange them in a visually appealing way to make the flyer more attractive and appealing.

hotel and resort flyer

Add Beautiful Background Image

sunset session flyer

A beautiful background image can make a hotel flyer stand out and attract potential guests’ attention. Choose an image that reflects the hotel’s style and ambiance while not overpowering the other elements on the flyer. Also, we have some more flyer templates that will help you with your business.

flyer with background image

Include QR Code

hotel flyer with qr code

Including a QR code on the flyer allows potential guests to quickly access the hotel’s website or booking page. To encourage more bookings, make sure the QR code is prominently displayed and easy to scan. Moreover, if you want to promote your hotel flyer sample effectively, you can create a QR code that directs customers to your website or booking page.

qr code hotel flyer template

Make It Unique

unique hotel flyer template

A one-of-a-kind design can make a hotel flyer memorable and help it stand out from the crowd. To make the flyer more interesting and engaging, use creative typography, unusual color combinations, or other unique design elements.

hotel flyer with unique design

Try Illustration

illustrative flyer

Using illustrations instead of photographs can give a hotel flyer a playful and whimsical feel. Consider using illustrations to draw attention to the hotel’s features or to create a more personalized atmosphere. By doing so, you can make your design more appealing to potential visitors and more memorable.

illustrated hotel flyer

Change the Game With Testimonials

customer review flyer

Incorporating testimonials from satisfied guests can be an effective way to encourage prospective guests to book a room at the hotel. To add credibility, use quotes that highlight the hotel’s unique features and strengths, as well as the guest’s name and location. This can also help to create a more trustworthy and compelling flyer, which will encourage more bookings.

Overall, when designing a hotel flyer, it is important to create a flyer design that is both visually appealing and informative. By incorporating a hotel flyer sample, you can also create a flyer that effectively promotes the hotel and encourages potential guests to book a stay.

Elements of a Successful Hotel Flyer Sample

There are several important elements to consider when designing a hotel flyer sample. These include:

Eye-catching Design: The flyer should have an appealing design that draws the attention of potential guests. High-quality images, bold typography, and vibrant colors can help your flyer stand out from the crowd.

Relevant Information: The flyer should include all of the important information that guests should be aware of. This includes the hotel’s name, address, phone number, and a summary of its amenities and services.

Call to Action: A clear and concise call to action is required to encourage potential guests to book their stay. This could be a promotional code, a special offer, or a limited-time offer.

Target Audience: The flyer should be designed with your intended audience in mind. When designing the flyer, keep in mind the demographics and interests of your potential guests.


In conclusion, creating a hotel flyer sample that attracts guests requires careful consideration of key elements such as design, relevant information, a clear call-to-action, and targeting the right audience. By following the tips provided in this article, you can create a flyer that stands out from the competition and drives bookings. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed hotel flyer sample in promoting your property and attracting new guests.

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