Gift Certificate Size and Dimensions

Gift Certificate Sizes

We all want our gift certificates to look well-crafted and professional, but what size should they be? If you’re looking for the answer to this frequently asked question, you’ve come to the right place.

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In today’s article, we’ll break down the standard gift certificate size and provide some helpful tips on how to ensure your certificates look their best. We’ll also talk about what kind of paper stock should be used and discuss some of the popular options available out there. Plus, if you want a more customized look, we’ll explain how you can go about that too.

So, grab your favorite cup of coffee, put your head down and let’s get started. By the end of this article, you might be able to create a gift certificate for exactly what you have in mind!

Table of Contents

  1. What are gift certificates?
  2. Standard sizes for a gift certificate
  3. Gift certificate sizes for:
    1. social media
    2. email
    3. print

What Are Gift Certificates?

Let’s start with a basic question: what are gift certificates? Well, they’re a form of currency or voucher that can be used at certain places to pay for services or products. Think of it like a gift—instead of giving someone something physical!

From spa treatments to restaurant visits, gift certificates are becoming increasingly popular. They’re easy for businesses to produce and for people to buy, making them an easy win-win situation when it comes to gifting. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes—literal ones too! So let’s get into exactly what the standard gift certificate size is.

Standard Sizes for a Gift Certificate

gift card size

Gift certificates do not typically have standard sizes, as they are often created and printed digitally or customized for the occasion. However, some common gift certificate sizes include:

3.375 x 2.125 inches (credit card size)

4 x 9 inches (standard size for mailer certificates)

5.5 x 4.25 inches (half-sheet size)

8.5 x 11 inches (standard letter size)

Gift certificates can also come in non-standard sizes, such as odd shapes, circular, or other custom dimensions, depending on the design and printing capabilities of the issuer. Ultimately, the gift certificate size will depend on the purpose, design, and printing methods used.

Gift Certificate Sizes for Social Media

gift card sizes for social media

When creating gift certificates for social media, it’s important to consider the dimensions and aspect ratios of the various platforms. Here are some recommended sizes for popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: 1200 x 630 pixels
  • Instagram: 1080 x 1080 pixels (square), 1080 x 1350 pixels (portrait), 1080 x 566 pixels (landscape)
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512 pixels
  • Pinterest: 600 x 900 pixels

It’s always a good idea to double-check social media platform size requirements regularly for accuracy. Additionally, make sure your gift certificate design is clear and easily readable on smaller screens, such as those of mobile devices, as most social media users access these platforms on their phones.

It’s important to note that sizes may vary on different platforms due to ad format or posting style. For instance, if you’re creating carousel ads, the gift certificate dimensions may be slightly different than what is listed above. Additionally, if you’re creating posts on Facebook or Twitter with multiple images, the recommended image size may be slightly larger than what is listed above.

Gift Certificate Size for Email

gift card dimensions for email

When it comes to email, a standard gift certificate size isn’t necessarily the best option. You have to make sure the certificate looks nice in the body of an email because it’s a digital experience.

When creating gift certificates for email, be sure that people will view them on a variety of devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Here is some recommended gift certificates size in an email:

  • 600 x 400 pixels: This is a relatively small size that will display well on most devices and not take up too much space in the recipient’s email inbox.
  • 800 x 600 pixels: This is a slightly larger size that will provide more space for your design but may take longer to load on slower internet connections.
  • 1024 x 768 pixels: This is a full-screen size that will provide the most space for your design but may not display well on smaller screens, such as those of smartphones.

Regardless of the size you choose, it’s important to ensure that your gift certificate size and design are optimized for digital viewing and are easily readable on a variety of devices. This can include using clear, legible text and avoiding small or thin details that may not display well on smaller screens.

Gift Certificate Sizes for Print

Standard Gift Certificate Size

You’ve done your research, you know what size you want, and now you’re ready to print. But what is the standard gift certificate size?

The simple answer is: there is no such thing! Gift certificate sizes come in all shapes and sizes. When creating gift certificates for print, you have more flexibility in terms of size and design. Here are some common sizes for printed gift certificates:

  • 3.375 x 2.125 inches (credit card size): This size is compact and easy to carry in a wallet, making it a convenient option for gift certificates.
  • 4 x 9 inches: This is a standard size for mailer certificates and provides enough space for your design and important details, such as terms and conditions.
  • 5.5 x 4.25 inches (half-sheet size): This size is similar to a standard size for a greeting card and provides a good balance of design space and portability.
  • 8.5 x 11 inches (standard letter size): This is a full-page size that provides the most space for your design but may be less portable than smaller sizes.

When printing a gift certificate, consider the print process, paper quality, and resolution for clear, readable gift certificate designs. Additionally, make sure that the gift certificate sizes include all of the necessary information, such as the expiration date, terms and conditions, and redemption instructions.


Remember, the standard gift certificate size isn’t set in stone, and if you want to create something a bit out of the ordinary, that’s always an option. Be clear on gift certificate size, dimensions, and local regulations for legal and proper formatting.

Gift certificates show how much you care, no matter what size you choose. So, don’t hesitate to get creative and personalize your certificate to make it extra special to the recipient. Whether it’s a small square or a big portrait, getting the size just right can make all the difference. Gift certificate templates can be a great starting point for designing your own certificates, and they often come in a range of sizes to fit different purposes and preferences.

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