Boost your Brand’s Engagement on Pinterest with Rich Pins

Use Pinterest to market your brand

Pinterest Marketing is now an essential part of the marketing strategies of any & every business. 

Pinterest is a graphics-based platform that gives free hands to brands to gain grounds with eye-candy visuals.

Most users active on Pinterest scroll through the pins whenever they are looking for some creative ideas. Pinterest App or website is now being used as a handy alternative to Google Images. Sometimes, users have to make fewer efforts to find what they are looking for on Pinterest than anywhere else on the web.

The popularity of Pinterest is no more limited to just wonderful image sharing. Businesses are dropping hints of their works with attractive images created using Pinterest Image Maker. No matter what type of business you own, Pinterest Marketing can be fruitful to you.

11 Pinterest Marketing Ideas that work!

Pinterest Marketing Ideas are being searched because it is an effective medium for anyone who wants to sell or showcase their creativity to the world. 

Here is some handful of working ideas for Pinterest Marketing that can be adopted by any enthusiast:

1. Understand your Business

Using Pinterest for Business is quite tempting but do you know what kind of pins you should make? Which search terms can be used by your target audience to reach you? Driving hits is a game of just a few seconds.

Do you know? Relevant Pins can also find a featured spot in Google search

You may be an E-commerce store wishing to create boards for outfits & jewellery or you are a blogger wanting to feature your recent blog. Whatever you intend to Pin, categorize your stuff and see what you have on hand to create pins.

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2. Do Deep Competitive Analysis

Keeping an eagle-eye on competitors is an everyday practice for businesses. After all, you know that Pinterest shows relevant images below every pin & you want more of your pins to appear rather than your competitor’s pins.

Without a deep competitive analysis, your efforts may remain handicapped. Also, this doesn’t mean you cannot go overboard or do something different than them. It’s just that you should know what they are doing so you put up things better.

3. Create a Complete Pinterest Profile

A complete Pinterest profile means that you have your profile picture, a short Bio, location, and website link or URL. Your profile name should be your business name. This is a critical point not to be missed.

The main purpose of handling a Pinterest Profile is to attract users. Secondly, you should give them ways through which they can reach you. When all the basic details are specified, they may reach you via several mediums, either through your website or phone.

A well-groomed Pinterest Profile is like making the first impression stunning for any user landing on your Board.

Include your email & contact no. in Bio so if someone wants to approach you, they have more options for the same.

4. Keep your Boards Organized

You don’t have images to be pinned. It may be GIF or just a blog hint. Categorize your posts and create separate boards. This is to be kept in mind anytime you create pins. Posting pins in relevant categories will not only make your stuff organized, but it also makes the user search simplified.

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5. Custom Board Covers is must-have

A well-organized board with striking Board Covers is the finishing touch to your Pins. You may create Pinterest Pin Design with great efforts, spare some time for custom board covers too. Trust me, it will be an eye-feast.

Pinterest seems a bit confusing in terms of post sizes. We observe many pins on the board with different sizes. What pin size will work best for you? Don’t worry, we got your back here. Covering the refined Pinterest post size you can settle for that particular size.

6. Consistency is the Key

Whenever you create any content, make a habit to pin (or repin) at frequent intervals. This doesn’t mean pinning like crazy but being strategic. Several tools are also available to ease this task by facilitating pin scheduling so you don’t have to carry the headache of managing timely posting. 

Each of your content should be pinned so that users visiting your Pinterest Board first can visit your website & find the same. Similarly, users coming first on your website can also follow your Pinterest board to stay connected on the social media platform for relevant pins.

7. Honour your Marketing Campaigns with Pins

It can be an offbeat idea but it is a great one to implement. Pinning your marketing campaigns keep users engaged. For instance, if you’re an online jewellery store, you likely have many marketing campaigns to showcase. You can give place to your campaigns with a dedicated board where all your campaigns are visible.

8. Use Infographic Boards

Infographic boards are not for everyone. Until you have tutorial stuff that can be visually presented via short text & graphic combination, an infographic is not worth it. For instance, you have some top 10 tips, statistics, timeline, or data that will be mess-free when pinned as infographic, creating this board is your take.

9. Make Product Boards

Products that are being sold on your website may be in hundreds or even thousands. It is not possible to mirror all of them on Pinterest but you can share the latest ones on Pinterest. Having a product board is inevitable for Ecommerce websites. 

For instance, you are a wholesale seller of women apparels, you can in your catalogue cover with your website link. Interested users will hit the link & view more. You will be saved from making multiple pins & users will curiously arrive at your website too!

10. Use Hashtags in Description

Hashtags are now being used as powerful weapons to drive traffic. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, hashtags are very beneficial. Users making a search with similar terms can view your pins with the same hashtags together. 

But if someone has also used the same hashtags, there are chances of diversions too. Be careful & use unique hashtags for a better approach.

11. Join Group Boards

No matter if your board is old or new, having a common group board will invite fresh ideas & you will have more to view on the same board. Members will keep contributing to the board someday or the other & it will positively impact the board’s engagement.

Pinterest Marketing Ideas can make your day brighter when implemented correctly.

Sometimes, you don’t need any “Pro Tips”, everything is right in front of your eyes. You only need to grab the right path & can drive the desired audience. Regardless of the type of profession you have, Pinterest is a social media platform that lets you create magic with extravagant pins.

Are you ready to use one of the best Pinterest Image Maker now?