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We’re living in a visual age where the digital world needs sizzling & spicy content updates to keep the target audience engaged. If you fail to serve feast-for-the-eyes content, your business is out of the race. That’s why you need content creator tools!

Content creator tools are in great demand as they make marketers & entrepreneur’s lives stress-free. Thanks to these apps, it gets a lot easier for anyone to personalize & publish content on the go. Besides this, getting fruitful insights & trending content suggestions and everything in between is also available for content creators. 

If you’re someone who does all the hard work to plan, create & publish content and still aren’t satisfied with the results, this blog will give a push to your efforts. And if you’ve been publishing content, you may explore this blog to see if you find some tools that’ll be helpful.

10+ Content Creation Tools For Effortless Marketing In 2021

Digital content is consumed in audio & visual form. This list encompasses tools that’ll help you find trending topics & relevant apps that’ll shape better digital content strategies. 

Google trend logo image

Even if you aren’t an SEO person, you can still find out the search terms are trending in any given geographic location across the globe. Google Trends is an amazing platform where you’ll find the popular search terms on desired topics along with timeline & category filters. You can also compare search terms to find which one goes better for your post.

Image of Google Trend

As a benefit, you can easily know if your topic is interesting for a post or not. Also, you can know if your audience will be interested in your post. 

Cost: Free

2. Skimm

The Skimm logo image

Are you a lazy lad who doesn’t want to spend time searching trending stuff manually? Skimm will bring daily newsletters to your inbox directly. You’ll get the most featured, up-to-date & trending news items without looking for them elsewhere. If any of them are worth sharing then you may proceed to create & share posts on the same. Isn’t it a shortcut for getting featured effortlessly?

Image of The Skimm - Content Creator Tool

You just need to subscribe with the Skimm newsletter & leave the rest on the app to make your mornings better.

Cost: Free

3. Grammarly

Grammarly logo image

While your content is being published online, you need to make sure that no grammatical mistakes prevail else it will directly impact your brand image. Also, you cannot afford to get trolled because of nominal mistakes, right? The grammatical mistakes are avoided perfectly through Grammarly a content creator tool.

Image of Grammarly

Grammarly, as the name suggests, is a free proofreading tool that checks spelling & grammar mistakes as you add content to the app. It also suggests ways you can make your content better. If you need an expert’s help for content creation/proofreading, it also facilitates you with the same. While Grammarly is best for fixing Grammar issues, the rewording tool is the best alternative to enhance your overall content. The tool helps you humanize AI text, summarize, and check grammar and spelling along with readability.

Cost: Free & Premium Membership available

4. PhotoADKing

Logo image of PhotoADKing-Content Creator Tool

In a world where everyone else hiring graphic designers to do the job, you can opt for DIY graphic designing in pre-defined sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat posts & stories. Moreover, you can also create custom graphics in the desired dimensions in a few clicks only. 

PhotoADKing is a one-stop solution for all your graphic needs. You’ll find readymade templates that are trendy & require minimum editing. You’ll have a grand library of graphics, illustrations, stickers, frames, HD stock images, and whatnot! Just drag & drop, create your graphic design & publish it in minutes. No matter if you want to create a meme, infographic, resume, or anything you would approach a graphic designer for.

Cost: Free & Premium Membership available



Transform your marketing content effortlessly with, a dynamic ai voice generator. Craft polished podcasts, videos, and articles using a variety of synthetic voices. Customize speech styles and pronunciations in real-time with the online text to speech editor.


Logo image of GIPHY

GIPHY is a popular source for GIFs already familiar among marketers & if you haven’t used it yet, you should start doing it now. Besides adding a fun element, GIFs are highly engaging in brand marketing elements. It also helps when you’re out of ideas for creating effective posts using hundreds & thousands of GIFs.

Image of GIPHY

No matter what GIF theme you’re looking for, you’ll always find a suitable one.

Cost: Free & Paid Plans available

7. Animaker

Animaker logo image

Animated videos are marketing staples and you know the charges of creating a customized animated video for your firm. It falls heavy on your pockets. Very helpful for creating short videos, explainer videos, infographic videos & whiteboard videos, Animaker makes promotions effortless. 

Animaker is a great platform for beginners, video-making enthusiasts & non-professionals willing to try their hands on animated videos.

Cost: Basic plan starts from $10 per month

8. Lumen5

Lumen5 logo image

If you’re curious to go advance with visual content creation, Lumen5 is your ray of hope. A major attraction for using Lumen5 is its usage of AI solutions for creating a video from the text. You can only enter a URL & the software creates resembling videos along with photos & music. Isn’t it the one you can count on?

Image of Lumen5 for create a content

Cost: Free & Paid Plans available

9. Boomerang

Boomerang logo image

It’s hardly possible that you’re concerned with digital marketing & hasn’t employed Boomerang to use. Available as both a standalone app & a video app for Instagram, Boomerang offers a great way to create short stop-motion videos & share them on Instagram. You’ll likely assume how important Boomerang videos are for Instagram story marketing because they are!

Image of Boomerang-Content Creator Tool

Cost: Free

10. ThingLink

Thinglink logo image for create content

Recommended for website content creation, ThingLink is focused on the interactivity of content. No wonder you can share video content on social media platforms too, you can utilize ThingLink for creating live-like videos in 360 Degrees views (VR videos), images, maps, etc. In a nutshell, it helps content creators to personalize an immersive experience.

Cost: Pricing plans available

11. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is a popular AI-based paraphrasing tool that functions to rephrase content into new forms without changing its original theme. You can use the tool to adjust the engaging, fluent, and unique tone of your writing.

To use the tool, you just need to paste your writing into the tool, set a suitable mode, and run the tool. The paraphraser will take no time to change the wording, sentence structure, and tone of your writing. As a result, you will get an improved version of your content that will convey the same meaning.

Cost: Free

12. Rewording Tool

Rewording tool

For marketing, creating the highest quality content regularly is necessary. However, if you are not being to fulfill this requirement due to any kind of reason, then the Rewording tool is here to help you.

It is a freemium tool that allows you to quickly reword the marketing content in an improved way by making multiple changes. The changes include the replacement of maximum words with their appropriate synonyms, removal of repeated words, and alteration in the sentence structure. Moreover, if you want to tailor the content in a certain tone or writing style, then this tool offers 8 rewording modes to fulfill your different writing needs.

Cost: Free

13. Kap

Image of Kap-Content Creator Tool

A dedicated content creator tools for Mac OS, Kap is an open-source screen recorder. You must have got the idea that it is useful for video content creators who’re willing to create tutorial videos for youtube or social media platforms. It lets you export the recorded file as a GIF, MP4, WebM, or APNG format. 

Cost: Free

The Bottom Line

You may have used some of these while some are new for you, isn’t it? What do you think about these content creator tools? We hope this list boosts your confidence to create engaging social media material. Don’t forget to share your experience with us if you try any of them.

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