Latest Happy Diwali Poster Design Ideas

The festival of lights – Diwali is around the corner and designing and using the best Diwali poster templates for Social Media marketing has become a challenge for most social media marketers.

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Diwali is the festival everyone looks forward to, The festive magic fills the air, and everywhere we see joy and lights. Well, to make Diwali even more special and to market your services on social media, you’ll need an apt social media campaign with Diwali invitation cards

happy diwali post templates
Happy Diwali poster templates

Diwali poster templates for Social Media marketing
Happy Diwali pink poster templates

Don’t have a Diwali campaign for social media marketing yet? Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Plan A Social Media Campaign

Before starting foolproof social media marketing, it is vital to come up with an efficient social media campaign for the festival of Diwali.

new arrival diwali post for social media
Social media campaign post for Diwali
Social media campaign post for Diwali
Social media offer post for Diwali

How To Plan A Social Media Marketing Campaign?

To start marketing on social media, here are some points that you need to brainstorm and jot down on a paper immediately:

  • Engagement: Know what your audience likes, prefers, and wants. The more the audience will engage with your Diwali poster templates, the more benefit you’ll have.
  • Budget: Know your budget beforehand and strictly follow it. Well, you don’t even have to devote much with so many online Diwali poster makers available. It would help if you molded, it and your poster is ready.
  •  Know your goals: The only aim of a social media marketing campaign will be to spike sales. Diwali poster maker in itself is enough to delight the audience to customize and create their own personalized Diwali cards, invitations, and whatnot!

5 Diwali Poster Design Ideas

Here we have gathered some authentic ideas for Diwali templates, and how to create and use them for your SMM campaign.

1. Happy Diwali Poster

A basic yet chic Happy Diwali poster never goes out of style. You would greet someone with this message. So the first idea of the Diwali poster can be a simple Happy Diwali poster with flashy and vibrant colors.

happy diwali
Happy Diwali festival poster templates
Happy diwali poster templates
Happy Diwali sale poster templates

So, You can add backgrounds that are bright or bold and write with a dashing or subtle color font. Add an adapted memo for your family. Various happy Diwali poster makers are available online. Also, with our collection of crafted Diwali poster templates eases your workload during the festive season. So, try it out now!

2. Diwali Party Poster

Organizing Diwali parties is a new trend. Many people arrange house parties on Diwali. Now, hosting a party also requires party invitations. Diwali party posters are a perfect way to reach a wider audience through different social media platforms.

Diwali party poster templates
Diwali party poster templates

So, You can put up your Diwali party poster on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other platforms and invite all your friends and family.

Make the poster as beautiful as you can. The invitation should excite people to come to your party, so use bright, charming, and lively designs.

3. Happy Diwali Brochure

Brochures are a great way of marketing and spreading the word around. Brochures are informative and aesthetic at the same time. Plus, happy Diwali brochures can be used both formally to share at your workplace or informally to share with your friends and family.

Happy diwali brochure templates
Happy Diwali brochure templates

A Happy Diwali brochure can be made beautifully using ethnic images like mandalas or pictures of diyas and candles.

The colors should be warm and should match the festive mood.

4. Diwali Party Invitations

A Diwali party invite template is a great idea to invite all your friends with a single click. A Diwali party invite should be stunning and exciting.

Use images, colors, and fonts that look flashy just like the festival itself. Diwali calls for some fun time, and so should your invite!

Diwali party invitation templates
Diwali party invitation templates

The colors should be bold and don’t forget to add a personalized message for people to come. A party invite template should also include the details of the party. Include the venue, time, and theme (if any) of the party.

You should add features like color code, dress code, games, food, and drinks. 

It will make the Diwali party invite even more exciting. So You can use the different Diwali party invitation templates online.

5. You May Go For A Diwali Flyer

Diwali flyer sounds perfect to be displayed on social media for marketing. Flyers are relatively more uncomplicated and basic in design. But it is always a great way to glee your audience.

Diwali Flyer Templates
Diwali Flyer Templates

The flyer can either be for Diwali greetings, party invitations, or an essential card replacement that you’d like to send to your dear ones.

Avail the unique and fresh Diwali greetings card templates available online. You may use them as such or customize them according to your wish.

How To Use Diwali Poster Templates For Social Media Marketing?

Now that you have the idea to design a perfect Diwali poster let us suggest some campaigns that you can initiate to use these Diwali poster templates for social media marketing.

Social media is the best place to market your service. With Diwali social media post templates to your audience, you always have the chance to change and improve according to the audience’s liking.

Diwali campaign poster templates
Diwali campaign poster templates

When it comes to festivals, most people prefer wishing and greeting each other through such platforms as they can directly connect to a big audience.

Diwali is one of the most important festivals that require proper campaigns and marketing on social media.

Here are some handpicked suggestions to start a social media campaign for your audience this Diwali.

Hashtags On Instagram: 

One can never underestimate the power of the right hashtags on Instagram. Firstly, let’s not forget the massive engagement Instagram brings to social media marketers if used correctly.

To initiate your campaign on Instagram, create a hashtag of your own, and ask people to participate by adding them to their images further. Creating hashtags for your company will boost a live audience. Also, with these Diwali Instagram post templates online you can boost engagement on social media.

Diwali card for instagram
Diwali card for Instagram

For example, you may come up with a Diwali competition where participants post a picture using your Diwali poster template and add a brand hashtag that belongs to you. It will connect to a bigger audience.

Send Diwali Cards:

Everyone loves personal e-cards. To win loyalty among your customers, So you can send Diwali cards, happy Diwali brochure templates, or Diwali flyer templates to your customers.

Not only will they love your gesture, but it will also spread the word about your customer loyalty. Now isn’t it a great way to let your audience know you care about them?

Diwali cards templates
Diwali cards templates

You may use online Diwali party invitation templates to create desirable invitations.

Just take the example of Snapchat; no matter how small or big a festival is, they do not miss wishing personally to every person on Snapchat. It is a lovely way of marketing.

Innovative Cover Photos: 

You see, social media is all about attractive and lively images. Especially when it comes to cover photos for Facebook or Instagram, create the best Diwali cover photos with Diwali poster templates available online.

Diwali innovative cover templates
Diwali innovative cover templates

Design vibrant and eye-catching personalized images to rock the cover photo show. Your audience will acknowledge you if they like your work. However, try to keep it humble and not too much about marketing your service or sales.

What About A Caption Contest: 

When it comes to creative captions, people love to participate with full zeal. Also, the festive season gets everyone in the mood to relax and have fun, leading to more active social media.

The competition can be organized among the office employees, or you can take it directly to social media platforms.

Diwali greetings templates
Diwali greetings templates

So, You can create a Diwali poster or a card with the Diwali greetings templates available online or from an online Diwali poster maker.

Choose an apt image and let your audience come up with a good caption for it. Also, in this way, the engagement of the audience will increase your brand.

Moreover, you can also make a logo for the Diwali caption contest. Also, it will become a trustable contest in people’s eyes. With our wide range of Diwali logo templates, you can easily create a logo for Diwali.


Festivals are a perfect time for giveaways. What better festival than Diwali to come up with a unique giveaway of your brand’s products or services?

So, You can organize a special Diwali giveaway with some conditions or steps to be followed by your audience.

Choose the winner of the contest on a random basis or based on genuine efforts.

A perfect giveaway needs a perfect publicity flyer or brochure. So, You can use the online Diwali flyer templates, customize them, and design them according to your choice.

Giveaways Diwali card

Giveaways Diwali card

You may partner with similar brands and businesses and come up with a big goodie bag for the winner.

Final Word

Diwali has great significance in India and throughout the world. The big festival calls for even bigger celebrations. Design your customized Diwali posters and cards online.

Illuminate this Diwali with joy, prosperity, and stunning greetings! Embrace the spirit of the festival of lights by exploring the mesmerizing collection of Diwali greeting cards that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones and business associates.

Let your family see how you care about them. So, You can use an online Diwali poster maker where you don’t even have to put in much effort, or you may design gorgeous invites for your party by using Diwali party invitation templates.

SMM is amongst the best marketing tools these days. Besides, when it comes to festivals, people love to check things on social media. Also, it gives you a vast opportunity to increase engagements, let your posts go viral, and boost the audience.

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